Fundraising tips and resources

You'll find everything you need to start fundraising here! Simply download the resources and get cracking.

Every year, supporters like you raise thousands of pounds to help give homeless young people a future. We're constantly amazed by the dedication and imagination of our fundraisers. Whatever your idea to help us support more young people, we'll be behind you all the way. Starting fundraising is the hardest part, so here are some tips and resources to get you started. 

Download our fundraising pack

Getting started

Set up a JustGiving page

It’s quick and easy and the money comes straight to Centrepoint so you don’t have to worry about paying in afterwards. Friends, family and colleagues can sponsor you for your event or challenge by donating to your page. Remember to personalise your page with a photo, story and a target.

Download images to show your support

Download posters, tips and forms

Download our poster showing how Centrepoint helps young people, fundraising tips for tried and tested ways to kick start your fundraising and sponsorship and sweepstake forms to help involve friends and family with your fundraising efforts.

Download decorations

Use our bunting to decorate at your celebration event, or download our cake flags to label your cakes and write a suggested donation amount.

Social media tips

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to campaigning and raising awareness of causes we care about. You can keep up to date with Centrepoint news through our social media platforms so make sure you are following us.
  • Tell your followers about why you have chosen to support Centrepoint.
  • You may encourage them to donate to your page or even put on an event themselves!
  • Share pictures of your fundraising events and tag us so we can see what you’re up to!
  • We will provide you with some shareable branded content to post
  • Go Live! Livestream your fundraising event/challenge and talk to your followers about Centrepoint!
  • Include links to your JustGiving page to encourage donations

Follow us on Instagram

  • Tell people about what you’re doing and include pictures and branded content to generate interest
  • Set up an event and invite your friends and family
  • Tag or @ other people who will be attending as they’ll get notified and are more likely to share it as well
  • Include links to your JustGiving page to encourage donations
  • Tag Centrepoint in your posts about your fundraising event so that your friends can find out more about what we do
  • Keep your page up to date with regular, engaging updates! Have you passed a fundraising milestone? Do you want to thank people? Has something entertaining happened? Let your friends know!
  • Use appropriate videos for engaging content, you could even add a personal video message
  • After the event, share your pictures on Facebook and tag Centrepoint so we can see what you’ve been up to!

Follow us on Facebook

  • Use your platform to tweet about your fundraising event and encourage others to retweet
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience
  • Include links to your JustGiving page to encourage donations

Follow us on Twitter/X

  • Share our YouTube videos across other social media platforms there are some really great videos of our young people telling their stories!
  • Include links to our YouTube channel on your JustGiving page so people can check out our video content and learn more about Centrepoint and the work we do.

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