In memory giving

Your support in memory of your loved one has the power to transform the lives of vulnerable young people.

Supporting Centrepoint in memory of your loved one is a powerful way to make their legacy shine. Take part in an event, lend your skills as a volunteer, or explore other ways to provide young people with a brighter future and a renewed sense of purpose in memory of your loved one.

Make lasting impact

When you choose to give to Centrepoint, you become a beacon of hope for the thousands of young people we support each year.

By supporting Centrepoint in this way, you will contribute to our mission of preventing youth homelessness. Your support ensures that young people will have a person in their corner, helping them to learn the necessary skills to live independently. From providing them with a safe place to stay while they get back on their feet to the opportunity to complete their education or take vocational training, your generosity is helping to pave the way for them to gain crucial skills and a brighter future.

Ways to give in memory

Giving to Centrepoint in memory of someone dear to you is a meaningful way to remember their unwavering commitment to ending youth homelessness in the UK.

Donate in memory  

Choosing to make a personal donation in memory of your loved one is a tender and compassionate way to honour their life and make a lasting impact. Rest assured, your donation, regardless of its size, holds profound significance and directly transforms the lives of homeless young people.

A monthly gift

Demonstrate your enduring support by giving a monthly donation. Consider sponsoring a room in honour of your loved one, offering a safe haven and a fresh start for a vulnerable young person.

A one-off donation

Opt for a single, heartfelt donation in memory of your loved one. This could be on a day that is special to you both, and can be a way to create a positive and enduring tribute to their memory.

Leaving a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will in memory of your loved one ensures their legacy of compassion lives on, making a lasting impact on ending youth homelessness. By including Centrepoint in your Will, you provide vital resources that directly support projects and services, offering vulnerable young people hope and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. 

Other ways to donate in memory

Organise a collection

Holding a collection at a funeral service or celebration of life event can be a fitting way to honour your loved one’s memory while supporting a cause that deeply resonates with them.

After collecting the funds, you have several options:

  • Kindly send the collected money to our Supporter Care team.
  • A dedicated JustGiving page created in loving memory.
  • Make an online payment through our donations page, selecting the 'a gift in memory' option.

For further information or assistance with arranging a collection, transferring in memory funds to Centrepoint or setting up an in memory JustGiving page, please reach out to our dedicated team by emailing

Hold an event

Bringing together family and friends to raise money for Centrepoint is a wonderful way to remember your loved one while also creating opportunities for homeless young people. You may choose to participate in an existing event such as a run or challenge, or even create your own event in their memory.

You may even decide to establish an annual tradition, gathering on a special date or anniversary to remember your loved one and raise valuable funds for Centrepoint.

Get in touch with our dedicated Events team at who will be able to help you with preparations, provide you with any fundraising materials you might need and signpost you to events in your local area.

If you have already held an in memory event and wish to donate the proceeds to Centrepoint, you can easily do so through our donations page, selecting the 'a gift in memory' option.

Other unique ways to remember your loved ones 

We are here to help if you want to explore a more tailored approach of donating to Centrepoint to remember a person close to you.

For example, Mr and Mrs Andrew approached us with the desire to honour their son, Chris, through a one-off donation.

Through heartfelt conversations with our team, a music room named after Chris was established at our Berwick Street service in 2018. This special space allows young people to explore the healing power of music and nurture their musical talents.


We didn’t know what we wanted at first, but our idea was to give something in memory and in honour of our son…The idea of it being a music suite came through Centrepoint and it seemed perfect. It connects with Chris in so many ways. It’s in the part of London that he knew well and it’s helping homeless young people, which he profoundly cared about. It’s music, which was a major component of his life. It just ticks the box in every way
Mr and Mrs Andrew


Coping with loss

Dealing with the loss of someone close to you can be devastating, and certain times of the year such as special anniversaries or Christmas, can make it even more challenging. If you would benefit from speaking with someone, please reach out to specialist organisations that can provide help and support, such as:

  • Cruse Offer bereavement support to help you navigate through your grief.
  • Samaritans Provide support for anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or facing the risk of suicide.
  • The Silver Line  A helpline dedicated to supporting older individuals who may be feeling isolated or in need of someone to talk to.

Get in touch with the team

If you have any questions or you would like more information please email the team at