The Independent Living Programme provides young people with a home to call their own. It is our solution to breaking the cycle of young homelessness for good. 

Over the next 10 years, we will transform the lives of thousands of young people who need a helping hand to take the important but challenging first step to full independence, by providing them with a home.

We are building homes specifically for young people who are ready to live independently. It’s an ambitious goal and requires over £30m investment.

Play video Young person facing to the right

Nathan was supported by the programme and has left homelessness behind him.

  • £ 1,000

    Could help support someone for a year. Your donation could pay for up to a year's support from our Independent Living Advisors. Giving young people access to advice and guidance as they live independently and start their new careers.

  • £ 5,000

    Could fund a starter pack. Your support will ensure many new homes have everything a young person needs including furniture, bedding and kitchenware. We may also use your donation to refurbish and replace items, maintaining high standards for Independent Living homes.

  • £ 50,000

    Could help build homes. Your donation could make a significant contribution towards the development of an Independent Living home. Each new home costs approximately £100,000 and will offer accommodation to young people for generations to come.