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There are so many ways to raise money to help give homeless young people a future from running the London Marathon to having a cake sale.

There are so many fun and easy ways to raise money to help give homeless young people a future. And as part of Team Centrepoint, we're here to support you every step of the way; be it taking part in our Sleep Out, getting sponsored to participate in one of our challenge events, or holding your own fundraising event. 

Whether you want to fundraise on your own, with friends or get your school, work or faith group involved, we've got everything you need to start fundraising for Centrepoint.

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Join an event

From the London Marathon to Santa in the City, Centrepoint has plenty of charity events available for all abilities.

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Sleep Out

A fundraising challenge that doesn't replicate what it's like to sleep rough, but gives an idea of the situation a lot of young people find themselves in, while also supporting those who face this as a reality.

Join us for Sleep Out
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Do your own fundraising

Your fundraising efforts are what make us able to give homeless young people a future.

How to do your own fundraising
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Pay in your fundraising

You've done all the hard work of raising money for Centrepoint. Now's the easy bit – paying it in!

How to pay in your fundraising