Policy & Research: Our Research

We carry out research on the issues affecting homeless young people and develop the policy solutions needed to bring about change. Here, find our extensive collection of research documents to help understand the work we do.

A Year Like No Other: Youth Homelessness During the COVID Pandemic

This report has reflected on the impact of the last year on vulnerable young people; the research looks at youth unemployment, homelessness, poverty and mental health, assessing the impact of the government’s policy interventions during the pandemic. 

The Mental Health Needs of Homeless Young People

Mental health issues and formal diagnoses occur within 10-20% of young people not experiencing homelessness. However, the prevalence of mental health issues and formal diagnoses are even more prevalent within the population of Centrepoint young people analysed for this research.

Locked Out: Youth Homelessness during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

This report is based on a survey of English councils, analysis of Centrepoint’s Helpline data, and interviews with local authority and Centrepoint staff.

Left Out: Centrepoint COVID And Rough Sleeping Report

There is clear evidence that thousands of young people across the country are facing homelessness and housing insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Preventing Youth Homelessness: What Works

Effective interventions for young people at risk of homelessness are essential to reducing youth homelessness.

Families Under Pressure: Preventing Family Breakdown And Youth Homelessness

Our research looks at the key reasons why relationships breakdown and the kinds of pressures faced by families.

Caught by the Act: The Scale of Youth Homelessness in the UK

Our annual Databank report examines how many young people approached their council because they were homeless or at risk in 2018-19, the first year since the Homelessness Reduction Act came into force.

No Place to Stay: Experiences of Youth Homelessness

We examine young people's experiences of hidden homelessness and the dangerous, impossible situations they find themselves in.

Young, Employed And Homeless: Homeless Young People’s Experience of Precarious Employment

Many homeless young people are stuck in precarious employment, from temporary agency work to zero-hour contracts. Find out what more can be done to ensure young people find a route out of homelessness through secure employment.

Escaping The Trap: Supporting Homeless Young People Affected By Youth Violence And Criminal Exploitation

Youth violence and criminal exploitation are significant drivers of youth homelessness. Much has been done to highlight the risks of youth crime and violence, but the impacts on a young person’s housing situation should be made clearer.

From Obligation To Opportunity: The impact of the Youth Obligation on disadvantaged young people

The Youth Obligation, a special programme of support within Universal Credit, is failing to support the most disadvantaged claimants, including homeless young people, into work.

The Impact Of The Youth Obligation: Warwick University Report

The full report on our evaluation of the government's Youth Obligation programme, carried out by the University of Warwick.

Talkin' About My Generation: 50 Years Of Growing Up And Moving Out

To mark Centrepoint's 50th year, we look back across the generations. Our poll of over 1,600 UK adults reveals the changing experiences of young people growing up and leaving home; from those who came of age in the 1970s to young people today.

Ready To Move On: Barriers To Homeless Young People Accessing Longer Term Accommodation

It's increasing difficult for homeless young people to move out of supported accommodation and into independence. We explore the barriers and what needs to change.

Positive Professional Relationships

Centrepoint wouldn't be successful without positive relationships between homeless young people and our staff.

Making Homeless Young People Count

Our annual Databank report examines how many young people approached their council because they were homeless or at risk in 2017-18.

The Homelessness Reduction Act: Will It Work For Young People?

Ahead of the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act, we explored how effective it was likely to be in supporting young people out of homelessness.

Have You Got Anybody You Can Stay With?

Many young people leave the prison system without housing secure placing them at risk of re-offending and homelessness.

From Care To Where Care: Leavers' Access To Accommodation

Care leavers remain at high risk of homelessness, when the risk support to transition from care to independence isn't in place.

Views From The Frontline

Practitioners who support care leavers tell us what young people need to move on from care successfully.

Moneywise Evaluation

Moneywise is the umbrella term for the range of activities delivered by Centrepoint aimed at improving the financial and mental wellbeing of homeless young people.

Unlocking Potential: Tackling Unemployment Among Disadvantaged Young People

Unemployment is particularly common among disadvantaged groups, including those who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.