Caught by the Act: the scale of youth homelessness in the UK

Elliot Williams-Fletcher and Stacy Wairumbi

The Centrepoint Youth Homelessness Databank significantly increases the information that is publicly accessible on youth homelessness by collecting council level data to build a more informed national understanding of the problem. This report presents an analysis of data collected by local authorities in 2018/19, which was the first year of the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA).

No place to stay: experiences of youth homelessness

The research reveals how young people across the country are faced with shocking conditions and are forced to make impossible choices. It shows the impact of not having a stable place to call home on a young person’s mental and physical health, on their ability to succeed in education and employment, and on their relationships with family and friends. It shows the risks and physical dangers that young people going through homelessness face every day and every night without safe accommodation - and why it is so important that we campaign for change