What is universal credit? Everything you need to know

Pascale Day, Senior Editorial and Web Officer

Universal Credit is the new benefits system which aims to make welfare payments easier for claimants. But what was once billed as being more generous than the old system is now leaving many worse off than before. Here's what you need to know about Universal Credit - and what we can do to ensure it serves those who need it most.

COVID-19 pandemic: we need hostels to stay open

Policy Team

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented risks to all, but those experiencing or at risk of homelessness are especially vulnerable. Charities like Centrepoint, Depaul UK and St Mungo’s which directly provide accommodation for people who are homeless are determined to do everything it takes to maintain the high level of service we deliver all year round, yet the sector needs vital support from the government to do this.

Lockdown was hard - but for those trying to stay sober, it could be agony

Jade, Former Centrepoint Resident

Former Centrepoint resident Jade has been looking after her two small children since the pandemic took hold, whilst her partner works full time. No easy feat, by any means, but Jade's struggles are twofold: as a former addict in recovery, the effects of a country on lockdown has tested her strength to stay sober. Here, Jade tells us her lockdown story in her own words, detailing how she manages to stay strong when the temptation becomes almost too much.

The budget may be delayed, but homeless young people still need action

Billy Harding, Policy and Research Officer

This week Centrepoint sent our submission to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review - which has since been cancelled in favour of a ‘winter economy plan’. However, this still gives charities like Centrepoint the opportunity to identify where we think money needs to be spent and policies need to be changed.