About us

Centrepoint provides housing and support for young people in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East and through partnerships all over the UK.

We aim to give homeless young people a future and we want to end youth homelessness.

The people making it happen

Centrepoint is not a 9-5! We run hostels seven days a week, every week of the year - even Christmas day. Our staff are dedicated to making sure we can help every young person that comes through our door, from support workers, to fundraising, to finance and our board.

HRH meets young father Joe at Bradford Foyer 2014. By Roger Moody.jpg

Our Patron

HRH The Duke of Cambridge has been our Patron since 2005 - following in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana. Prince William would visit our hostels when he was a child and, when it was his turn to take over some of her patronages, Centrepoint was the first one he chose. He regularly visits us both in the public eye, but also in private, so he can meet and chat to the young people we support.

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What makes Centrepoint?

You've heard about the young people we support, but it's the people - the staff, the board, the partners, the ambassadors and our Patron - that make it happen every day. They take every pound raised and every bed made and turn it into a future for a homeless young person.

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Centrepoint Parliament

Who better to hold Centrepoint to account, support our residents and stir up the news than our very own young people. The Centrepoint Parliament is a group of young people living in our hostels, elected by their peers. They stand for a year and campaign for us, meet politicians with us, talk to young people for us... and occasionally show us up!