Tom's Story

Being a train driver is every child’s dream.

Thanks to Centrepoint Tom is on the right tracks.

On the right tracks

As a young child Tom always dreamed of working in the rail industry. But as he got older and his situation at home worsened he didn’t think it would be possible to achieve his dream.

After a breakdown in his relationship with his Dad, Tom became homeless.

When he first arrived at Centrepoint, Tom was at one of the lowest points in his life. By providing Tom with a safe, warm room and with support from his keyworker, Tom was able to rebuild his confidence and improve his relationship with his family. He joined Centrepoint Parliament and learned useful skills that have supported him into training and employment.

Tom now lives independently and has recently started work at Grand Central Railway as a Customer Service Assistant. He said, ‘If it wasn’t for Centrepoint and my key worker I wouldn’t have had the confidence and determination to go and actually apply [for the job]. But then I thought ‘what have I got to lose?!’ I applied and was offered an interview about a week later. Then two days after that I got a call saying they wanted to offer me a position. Now I’m basically living a dream!’

‘My advice to anyone facing a difficult situation in their life is to always be looking for and at a brighter future. My life dealt out one of the worst things it could, and at a young age and now I’m living a dream. It will not seem like it now but trust me – things will improve if you keep thinking about the good things to come.’


Tom at work at Grand Central

"I'm basically living the dream."

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