Tamara's story: The Best Mum She Can Be

With support and a lot of dedication, Tamara turned her life around.

Growing in confidence, Tamara won the Personal Development Award at the Centrepoint Awards 2018.

Tamara's story: The Best Mum She Can Be

At 35 weeks pregnant, Tamara became homeless. Her mum kicked her out and she had nowhere else to turn.

When the time came for Tamara to have her baby she was extremely sleep deprived. She was in labour for over 100 hours but eventually gave birth to her son.

After a few days in hospital, Tamara was discharged. For three months she was sofa surfing with her newborn son. She moved from house to house, sofa to sofa.

During this time Tamara was diagnosed with postnatal depression. When Tamara visited hospital to seek help, she was admitted to a psychiatric unit – without her son.

“He was only a few weeks old when I left,” she recalls. “It was horrible. It was really hard.”

Tamara was reunited with her son after three months and decided to move back to the North East to be closer to her dad.

Developing confidence she never knew she had

When Tamara arrived in Sunderland, she was told about one of our mother and baby units that might be able to help her. Two weeks later Tamara came to Centrepoint.

At Centrepoint, Tamara received support for her and her baby. Our staff helped her with budgeting, her mental health and finding a place of her own to live.

Today, aged 20, Tamara has her own two bedroom flat and a community of friends and support staff to lean on.

“It’s a lot easier having a network of people around me. If I get stressed out I can go and talk to someone who knows exactly what I’m talking about. Their kids are probably doing exactly the same,” she says.

“We can actually sit down and chill, have a cup of coffee. We just talk about mum stuff – none of my other friends have kids. Talking to other mums just makes it all a lot easier.”

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