Sofia's Story

12 August, 2019

Sofia was brought to UK from Portugal by her Godmother when she was five years old following neglect and violence at home.

When the relationship with her Godmother also broke down, Sofia was referred to Centrepoint. She is currently living in a Centrepoint service for young parents and is studying to be a teacher with the help of Centrepoint’s bursary scheme. She has been nominated for the Centrepoint Personal Development Award.

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Lola's Story

17 January, 2020

Lola grew up in care from the age of four. During her teenage years, she became immersed in gang culture. After a number of abusive relationships, Lola ended up escaping her area and was referred to Centrepoint, enrolling on a number of courses and programmes provided by the organisation. She's now very close to completing her traineeship with a major media company. 

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