Young people

Becca's story

Following difficulties at home, Becca went to live with her nan. But when her nan discovered she was…

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Georges tells his story

After suffering physical abuse from his mum, Georges became homeless.

But since coming to Centrepoin…

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Nathaniel's story

In his own words, Nathaniel explains how he came to Centrepoint and how our Bursary scheme helped hi…

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Jeremiah's Story

Aged 22, Jeremiah was thrown out of his home after his father refused to accept that he was gay.


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"From the age of five to nine my life was like my own horror story really."

Aged five, Zinnia’s mum kicked her and her dad out. Aged nine, Zinnia was placed into foster care.


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hospitalised by her mother

At just 15 years old, Tori was hospitalised by her Mum.

She was forced to leave home in difficult ci…

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Dreaming of working with top athletes

Josh had a difficult childhood and was put in to care in his early teens.  

His passion for sport and…

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Aidan's Story

"I left home when I was 20 because I was being forced into an arranged marriage."

"Today, I'm workin…

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self harming to escape

Chloe left home in Bradford at 15 to search for her biological father in London. Things didn’t work …

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a traumatic childhood

After struggling with homelessness and experiencing mental health problems, Catherine took control o…

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The best mum she could be

With support and a lot of dedication, Tamara turned her life around.

Growing in confidence, Tamara w…

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"I wanted to give a better life to my son"

Claudette's drive and spirit are truly inspiring. That's why she was the deserving winner of the Ent…

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sleeping rough at 15 years old

John had a troubled and unstable childhood. His father suffered with mental illness and his mother w…

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family breakdown

Hannah’s problems began when her family home burnt down.

After living through family arguments in te…

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abused by his parents

Daniel's parents both abused him verbally and physically -they made it clear that he wasn't wanted. …

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A terrifying journey

When Tien arrived in London, she was scared, sick, tired and all alone.

But thanks to her support wo…

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From disarray to dancer

At just 16, Jamie was referred to Centrepoint by social services. Since then, she  sought help from …

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Tash's Story

Aged 16, Tash was forced to leave home and then spent six years sofa surfing.

But after staying with…

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Sarah's Story

Sarah came to Centrepoint after her mental health spiralled out of control and she was not able to s…

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Never been back

On Christmas Day, Ben went to hospital with chronic pain and was diagnosed with sciatica. To make ma…

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50th Anniversary: Cara's Story

Cara ended up at Centrepoint in the early noughties after leaving her family home due to her dad’s d…

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50th Anniversary: Emilyn's Story

Emilyn was a Centrepoint resident for just over a year back in 2007. She became a resident after her…

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Sofia's Story

Sofia was brought to UK from Portugal by her Godmother when she was 5-years-old following neglect an…

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Gareth's Story

Gareth is a care leaver and after university, he found himself homeless. After being a resident with…

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Elise's Story

Elise went through the care system and came to Centrepoint when she was 18. With Centrepoint’s suppo…

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Kasim's Story

Suffering with acute anxiety for years, school eventually became unbearable for Kasim and he started…

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