North East

Michelle's Story

15 September, 2020

Michelle has worked for Centrepoint for almost three years and currently works as a supported housing officer in our young parent’s service in Sunderland.

Before Centrepoint, Michelle worked with adults with disabilities and learning difficulties. She says it was the care an ex-partner was given that inspired her to go into support work.

Here Michelle tells us about why she enjoys working with young people.

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Alex's Story

25 September, 2020

Alex has worked as a supported housing officer in Sunderland since April 2018. Prior to that, she was a prevention worker as part of a pilot project and also had responsibility for the youth educators programme. This was aimed at raising awareness and tackling misconceptions surrounding homelessness. Before she worked at Centrepoint, she worked in further education for 20 years.

Here she shares her wealth of experience in working closely with vulnerable, young adults.

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Luke's Story

03 December, 2020

Luke, 19, has overcome many barriers in his life and was nominated by his support worker, Deanne, for the Centrepoint Life Transformation Award. With Deanne's support, Luke has written his story in his own words.


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