Assessment and Training manager Stephen with young person Hannah

Real stories

Centrepoint helps more than 9,200 homeless young people every year. With our support, they have achieved amazing things, and overcome some huge obstacles.

Here are some of the real stories of young people we've supported, and the fundraisers, volunteers and support workers that have made it possible.

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"I felt like nobody cared whether I lived or died."

Abi became homeless at 18 after her mum’s death. The grief made the already volatile relationship wi…

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"From the age of five to nine my life was like my own horror story really."

Growing up was difficult for Zinnia. Social workers were always trying to put her and her sisters in…

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In with the wrong crowd

Ziggy had a difficult journey before he came to Centrepoint - homelessness, drugs and crime. He’d be…

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self harming to escape

Chloe left home in Bradford at 15 to search for her biological father in London. Things didn’t work …

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sleeping rough at 15 years old

John is the eldest of three children. He had a troubled and unstable childhood, with his schizophren…

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hospitalised by her mother

Tori was forced to leave home in difficult circumstances twice - first from her mother’s house, then…

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constant rows at home

Kyle moved into Centrepoint in Bradford after constant rows at home became too much. With help to fi…

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family breakdown

Hannah’s problems began when her family home burnt down.

‘We got temporary accommodation, but my pa…

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the right support

Samia left Centrepoint in 2009. After a difficult start to adulthood, she has two degrees, her own f…

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abused by his parents

Daniel is the eldest of four children. His mother and father married when they were young and made i…

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Turning to the streets

Kyle had a good childhood, growing up in a loving home with his parents and sister until the age of …

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homelessness gave her nightmares

When Lianne was little, her stepdad was a drinker. He'd always tell her she was in the way. Then, he…

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a traumatic childhood

Catherine had a normal family life until the age of eight, when her relationship with her dad became…

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'It could have been me'

'There was a video that I watched of a young girl who was staying with Centrepoint. I was in tears w…

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From homeless to hostel manager

'I came to London from Manchester when I was 15, looking for work. I stayed with a relative but got …

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Out of recovery, into football coaching

After starting his relationship with The Street Football Association as a player, Aaron has been Tea…

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'Football saved my life'

Things became very difficult for Wendy after she lost her home through splitting up with her partner…

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On the right tracks

As a young child Tom always dreamed of working in the rail industry. But as he got older and his sit…

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