Josh, a Centrepoint young person

Real stories

Centrepoint helps more than 10,000 homeless young people every year. With our support, they've achieved amazing things and overcome some huge obstacles.

Here are some of the real stories of Centrepoint young people and staff.

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Georges tells his story

"I first moved into Centrepoint last April. The staff members are nice, the place is really clean an…

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Tash's Story

Aged 16, Tash had no choice but to leave home and started crashing on her friends' floors and sofas.…

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A different journey

Aged 15, Abdul started hanging out with the wrong people. His family tried to focus his attention ba…

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Jack's story

"I had a good childhood. Growing up I lived in a loving home with my parents and sister until I was …

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hospitalised by her mother

Tori was forced to leave home in difficult circumstances twice - first from her mother’s house, then…

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Never been back

When Ben was 18, the relationship with his mum broke down. He couldn’t stay at home anymore, so he m…

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Dreaming of working with top athletes

Growing up was tough for Josh. Aged 12 he was placed with a foster family because his mum was experi…

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Aidan's Story

"I left home when I was 20 because I was being forced into an arranged marriage. I moved into a refu…

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self harming to escape

Chloe left home in Bradford at 15 to search for her biological father in London. Things didn’t work …

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"From the age of five to nine my life was like my own horror story really."

Growing up was difficult for Zinnia. Social workers were always trying to put her and her sisters in…

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a traumatic childhood

Catherine had a normal family life until she was eight, when the relationship with her dad became ex…

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The best mum she could be

At 35 weeks pregnant, Tamara became homeless. Her mum kicked her out and she had nowhere else to tur…

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Craig's Story

Craig first started playing football when he was six years old.  

“Being from Glasgow if you were g…

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Tyler's Story

Born and raised in Carlisle, Tyler was abused physically and mentally by his mum. When he was 12 yea…

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From homeless to hostel manager

'I came to London from Manchester when I was 15, looking for work. I stayed with a relative but got …

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"I wanted to give a better life to my son"

Claudette is a role model to all single mothers who have faced adversity.

Growing up, Claudette liv…

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sleeping rough at 15 years old

John is the eldest of three children. He had a troubled and unstable childhood, with his schizophren…

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family breakdown

Hannah’s problems began when her family home burnt down.

‘We got temporary accommodation, but my pa…

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abused by his parents

Daniel is the eldest of four children. His mother and father married when they were young and made i…

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A terrifying journey

Tien came to Centrepoint after fleeing Vietnam. It became too dangerous for her to stay there.


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