Centrepoint in Sunderland

Our work in Sunderland

Along with a safe place to stay, our services in Sunderland give young people a future by providing the accommodation, health, education and training support they need.

Homeless young people in Sunderland come from a complex web of disadvantage. Benefit cuts, family breakdown and a lack of job opportunities are all key contributing factors to homelessness here.

We're standing up for vulnerable young people at a time when local authority cuts in Sunderland are making the situation even tougher. And we'll continue to work with the council to make sure the right support and opportunities are available to young people.


Need support in Sunderland?

If you’re based in Sunderland, 16-25 years old and at risk of homelessness, contact our helpline for support.


Rebecca is our Service Manager at the Lewis Crescent Young Parents Unit.

“We support young parents who have been referred to us by social services. We offer support such as getting into education, training or employment, budgeting and running a home, and maintaining a tenancy agreement, to help young people escape the cycle of homelessness in the long term.

We also offer support around wellbeing, such as taking care of physical and mental health, how to cook healthy meals, raising self-esteem and confidence building.

We have a communal garden which is well used and offers a great boost to the wellbeing of our residents.”
Young person looking out the window.

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