A young chef prepares pizza

Cameron's story: Dreaming of becoming a top chef

Tamsin Clements

Cameron has Auditory Processing Disorder but never let this stop him achieving his full potential. Despite the difficulties of pursuing a career in hospitality during a pandemic, Cameron kept busy and completed his relevant qualifications. Cameron’s hard work paid off and he achieved his dream job working as a chef. In 2021 he won the Centrepoint Career Progression Award.

Young person with dark hair wearing an orange hoody against a white background

Danny's story: Making a difference

Tamsin Clements

When Danny first arrived at SLEAP (A Centrepoint partner organisation based in Lancashire), according to his own words "he did not exist". He had been rough sleeping for two years and he had no documents. Despite this difficult start, Daniel has turned his negative experiences into motivation to help others. He has won the 2021 Centrepoint Partner’s Inspiration Award.

Young person with long blond hair looking into the camera and smiling

Carrie's story: Overcoming trauma

Tamsin Clements

After her parents were unable to care for her, Carrie entered the care system age six. A sexual assault in her early teens sent her spiralling, and she began dealing with the trauma through drugs and alcohol. Between the ages of 13 and 18, Carrie had 11 different foster placements. Today, Carrie lives in her own flat with her three-year-old daughter and receives floating support from Centrepoint. She has just started a degree in social work.

Young person wearing a t-shirt smiling and cooking

Ryan's story: Wrap-around support

Tamsin Clements

Ryan came to Centrepoint aged just 17 and stayed for three years before moving on. Whilst at Centrepoint, he received wrap-around support from a variety of teams within the organisation. Ryan is feeling more optimistic about his future and although he still has difficulties, he feels Centrepoint has equipped him with skills that he will use and value for life.