Coronavirus & homelessness accommodation briefing

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented risks to all, but those experiencing or at risk of homelessness are especially vulnerable. Charities like Centrepoint, Depaul UK, St Mungo’s and Homeless Link which provide accommodation for people who are homeless are determined to do everything it takes to maintain the high level of service we deliver all year round, yet the sector needs vital support from the government to do this.

Youth homelessness & coronavirus: phase 2 briefing

Coronavirus has been an unprecedented challenge for charities working to support homeless people. Since MHCLG issued the ‘Everybody In’ directive at the end of March, approximately 5,400 rough sleepers have been placed in emergency accommodation.1 The instruction was clear - ‘focus on people who are, or are at risk of, sleeping rough, and those who are in accommodation where it is difficult to self-isolate, such as shelters and assessment Centres.

Young person sitting outside with backpack

The Criminal Justice Bill could make rough sleeping a crime

Ministers say the plans, currently racing through parliament as part of the Criminal Justice Bill, will give police and local authorities the ‘tools’ they need ‘in situations where those sleeping rough are causing damage, disruption and distress’. Centrepoint is worried this open-ended nature of ‘disruption and distress’ could leave the new laws open to abuse.