Vicky Pattison stretches out on the floor of her living room after a long all-nighter for Centrepoint

Vicky Pattison's all-nighter for Centrepoint

29 May 2021

Vicky Pattison, presenter, author and influencer, stayed awake all night to raise money for homeless young people across the country.

Vicky, who was joined by her mum Caroll for moral support, hosted Centrepoint’s online fundraising event STAY:UP which challenged fundraisers to stay awake from 8pm Friday 28 May until 8am the following morning (Saturday 29 May).

STAY:UP raised awareness for homeless young people who often endure sleepless nights as they have nowhere safe to bed down for the night.

STAY:UP was kick-started on Centrepoint’s YouTube channel by Vicky who spoke to two former Centrepoint residents about their experiences.

Vicky and Caroll stayed awake together by holding a Q&A, watching lots of films, drinking Red Bull and her mum almost completed a ‘This Morning’ jigsaw puzzle, gifted to Vicky during her appearance on the show earlier this week.

Vicky excitedly holds a can of Red Bull to get her through her all-nighter for Centrepoint

A caffeine boost was essential to help Vicky stay up through the night

Towards the end of her all-nighter, Vicky got quite emotional and explained how this had been a bit of a wakeup call. She said,

“It’s the final twenty minutes… I actually feel really tearful. I think I’m overtired. I’m twenty minutes from the end and I’m so happy it’s nearly finished.

"I know it sounds so stupid but being tired is horrible. I can’t imagine what these people have to go through, not in their mam’s nice house, not getting a pizza when they're hungry, not putting a facemask on and watching a nice film. Their experience is very different to mine and I’m completely aware of that.”