Photograph showing the Dazed logo in black on a red and blue wall

Two nights with DAZED LIVE, in aid of Centrepoint

19 October 2021

Centrepoint's corporate partner, Dazed, knows how to throw a good party - and DAZED LIVE was no different. The event, aimed at inspiring Britain's youth with music, art, fashion and more, put Centrepoint at its core: not only did the proceeds go to our organisation, but they invited 30 young people down to experience the event for free.

On the 9 and 10 October Centrepoint’s corporate partner, Dazed, invited its audiences to come behind the scenes at its HQ at 180 The Strand in London for DAZED LIVE, to mark their 30th anniversary. The two-day festival, aimed at 16- to 25-year-olds, focused on making and showcasing music, art, fashion, activism and more, all in aid of Centrepoint.

As well as donating all proceeds from the ticket sales to Centrepoint, Dazed generously extended the invitation to 30 young people from Centrepoint services to experience the event, its incredible line up and the workshops on offer (you can see it in full here).

This was a unique opportunity for young people from Centrepoint to immerse themselves in a new experience and they grabbed the chance with both hands, as they were able to learn directly from experts and influencers in the arts. Three lucky Centrepoint residents were even able to attend a two-day Daze + Labs photography and zine-making workshop, led by Eddie Otchere and had the chance to capture the event as it happened.  

Photograph showing the Dazed logo in black on a red and blue wall

DAZED LIVE was a great success

Talking about her experience, Centrepoint young person Muniira said, “The festival was a beautiful melting pot of all walks of life. I learnt some of the theory behind what it take to tell a story through images, and it was organised really well."

To mark World Homeless Day, there was also a Hidden Homelessness talk, where former Centrepoint resident, Brookemorgan Henry-Rennie, joined the discussion chaired by Ciaran Thapar to share her experience and the impact of Centrepoint. Brookemorgan, now founder of her own non-profit, She Oath, spoke powerfully and honestly during the talk. When asked about her experience of DAZED LIVE, she said Our panel discussion went really well. It was amazing to speak alongside the other panellists as we’d all had experiences of homelessness at different ages and points in time.

“It was well received by the audience; afterwards some of them contacted me on social media thanking me for sharing my story as a few had similar experiences but hadn’t heard anyone talking about them before. It was lovely to hear I could use my story to help others.” 

We are incredibly grateful to Dazed for hosting such a fantastic event that was accessible to so many young people wanting to get into the arts, including those from Centrepoint. We are also very excited for the launch of their new print sale campaign, which went live on 18 October.  Around 21 incredible artists are selling their prints for just £100 each and once again, all proceeds are coming to Centrepoint! You can find them all here.