A block of new, affordable flats within a secure gated community. Each flat has its own front door and there is shared outside space in the middle of the block.

Prince William opens the new Reuben House development as part of our Independent Living Programme

3 July 2023

Earlier this month our patron, The Prince of Wales, officially opened our new housing development in Peckham, South London.

Reuben House - which contains 33 brand new flats - is already home to young people aged between 18 and 24 in various jobs, including hospitality, the building trade and social services. This flagship project is part of Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme which aims to combat the issue of youth homelessness in the UK. 

Prince William - who has highlighted the UK’s homelessness crisis as one of his key causes - met several of the residents of Reuben House, hearing first-hand how young people were stuck and facing homelessness before the Independent Living Programme launched.

129,000 young people faced homelessness in the UK last year with 1 in 5 young people unable to move on from hostels because they couldn’t afford rent in the private sector.

Sally Orlopp, Director of Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme, says: “This is the most exciting and innovative programme I’ve worked on in the 25 tears, I’ve been working with disadvantaged people – it’s going to transform young people’s lives.

With the help of M-AR, we have turned 8 units into 33 homes in Peckham, giving these young people comfortable, stylish and cost-effective homes – and most importantly the key to their very own front door.” 


Supporting young people on the frontline of the UK’s cost of living crisis

The Reuben House development is part of our Independent Living Programme, providing high quality, affordable housing and support for young people between 18-24 years old, working full time or on an apprenticeship, and able to live independently with minimal support.

Residents on the programme have access to either self-contained accommodation or our shared apprenticeship flats, with rent capped at no more than one-third of their salary.

This is especially important in the current cost of living crisis, where private rents are soaring along with bills and other costs, and demand for affordable housing is only increasing. For many in lower paid work or apprenticeship schemes, it simply wouldn’t be possible to afford to rent privately. This programme means they won’t need to worry about not being able to afford their next rent payment.

Residents also have access to support to plan and prepare to live independently in the future, whether that’s private sector rental or home ownership, helping to end the cycle of homelessness that too many young people find themselves in.

The Independent Living Programme and Reuben House are only possible because of your generous donations.


The stories behind the residents of Reuben House

Nathan is one of first of the 33 residents of Reuben House.

“I am excited and grateful, but most of all, I feel like I can take a deep breath. The previous six or seven months, when I’d been living in temporary accommodation, had been so up and down and slightly surreal. It’s just amazing to have my own space now and not feel like I am in somebody else’s. I just feel like I can finally relax and focus on building my foundations.”


Support projects like Reuben House through our Independent Living Appeal

Together we can end youth homelessness.

We’ve already raised an incredible £5 million towards our Independent Living Programme and started to build homes like Reuben House - but to reach our ambitious goal over the next ten years, we need to raise a total of £30 million.

Your support will transform the lives of young people who need to take that first step towards full independence, and give them a place to call home.

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