Melvin Odoom joins us for a creative showcase by young homeless people

TV presenter and BBC Radio 1 DJ, Melvin Odoom attended a showcase hosted by Centrepoint and Element.

Since 2021, Element and Centrepoint have collaborated to host a series of creative arts projects where young people have explored their creative identities through art-making. 

Every project has culminated in an exhibition to showcase and celebrate the creative skills and achievements of each group. This group of young people have been meeting every Thursday to explore art-making, poetry and rhyming skills.

Creative arts are a fantastic way for young people to build their confidence, express themselves and improve their wellbeing. This much-needed space gives respite from the day-to-day struggles of homelessness.

Melvin joined the group ahead of their showcase and helped them decorate and prepare the space. He then ran some confidence-boosting exercises and gave a talk to prepare everyone for their performances.

The night went fantastically and we’re really proud of all the young people involved!