Neil Jones facing camera

The government must act now to end youth homelessness

20 February 2023

Neil Jones, professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing; Vicky Pattison, influencer, podcast host and TV star; Rhys Connah, Ryan from Happy Valley; and Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who plays Ash from Eastenders, joined forces to highlight the truth about youth homelessness. 

The four TV stars appear in charity Centrepoint’s latest campaign video, calling on viewers to imagine what it’s like for young people who are “fighting for survival and wondering where their next meal is going to come from.”

Geordie star Vicky, begins by telling us that “129,000 young people faced homelessness in the UK last year” and Strictly’s Neil follows up stating that “in England 1 in 53 young people didn’t have a safe space to call home”.

The four famous faces urged the public that “change is possible” but “we need you to make this happen”. The all-star team are asking people to “tell your MP to help the cycle of youth homelessness and help them dream big again”.