Ching He Huang makes dumplings with Centrepoint young people

Ching He Huang hosts dumpling masterclass for Centrepoint

In January, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Centrepoint invited a group of young people to take part in a dumpling-making class with our wonderful ambassador, Ching He Huang, at Fortnum and Mason’s.  

Our young aspiring chefs took part in a cooking session with Ching making (and eating!) Siu Mai dumplings. 

Ching He Huang makes dumplings with a Centrepoint young person

Ching said, "I had the honour and pleasure of teaching a group of Centrepoint young people at the Fortnum and Mason’s Food & Drink studio on the 3rd floor.

What a wonderful class of students (…) full of enthusiasm. They did so well in making Siu Mai dumplings and are definitely dumpling masters in the making! I was so proud of them!

It was truly wonderful to share Lunar new year together all gathered in the kitchen, chopping and filling with the smell of bamboo steamers reminding me of growing up in Pai He on my Grandmother’s farm.

Thank you to (…) everyone at Centrepoint who attended and made the magic happen. Please donate and support the amazing work that Centrepoint does, with your help, we can end youth homelessness together."