Alexander Lincoln in central London, wearing a Centrepoint running vest and smiling after the London Marathon

Alexander Lincoln runs the London Marathon for Centrepoint

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At Centrepoint we’re so proud to work with amazing supporters like Alexander Lincoln (Emmerdale, In From The Side) who ran the London Marathon to raise awareness of the issues faced by young people experiencing homelessness. 

Alexander felt the need to take action after getting to know members of the homeless community in Vauxhall, South London. 

“Speaking a lot to one guy in particular really made me want to change people’s perceptions of what homelessness actually is,” he said. “I think when people lose their house, they can lose their humanity, which is absolutely devastating.”

"There are so many facets to homelessness which can be dissected, but on the ground, ultimately it's on the rise – youth homelessness especially. It's not just in London, it's across the nation and it's something that really needs to be tackled."

"We also need to raise awareness of what homelessness actually is. There's this headline aspect to homelessness just being rough sleeping, but that's just the tip of the iceberg and there's so much more."

At Centrepoint we want to end youth homelessness – and to do that, we need more people to know what it really is and how we can work together to tackle this crisis. 

Our work includes raising awareness of what youth homelessness really looks like, giving young people support and a safe place to get back on their feet, and setting them up to move on from homelessness for good. Take on a challenge event this year and help our life-changing support to continue.

Alexander Lincoln holds his London Marathon medal proudly at the end of the event

Alexander holds his medal proudly after completing the 2024 London Marathon for Centrepoint.

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