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Centrepoint in Sunderland

Centrepoint supports homeless 16- to 25-year-olds in Sunderland.

We give young people in Sunderland a future by providing the accommodation, health, education and training support they need.

Standing up for young people in Sunderland

Whether in need of a safe place to stay or help developing life skills, we set homeless young people up for the future. We're standing up for vulnerable young people at a time when local authority cuts in Sunderland are making the situation even tougher. And we'll continue to work with the council to make sure the right support and opportunities are available to young people.

A teenager looks on from a bench. With your help, we can help give homeless young people a future

Youth homelessness in Sunderland

Homeless young people in Sunderland come from a complex web of disadvantage. Benefit cuts, family breakdown and a lack of job opportunities are all key contributing factors to homelessness here.

In 2017/18, at least 5,200 young people in the North East approached their local authority for help with homelessness.

The Issue

Our impact in Sunderland

An icon representing Centrepoint provides support from those leaving supported accommodation.

We support more than 200 homeless young people in Sunderland every day.

A graphic presenting the location of operation for Centrepoint and sites where Centrepoint provides housing for homeless

We run groundbreaking services for young people with complex needs in Sunderland.

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

94 per cent of young people move on positively from Centrepoint.

An image of Zinnia, who has shared her personal story of homelessness.

Zinnia's story

Aged five, Zinnia’s mum kicked her and her dad out. Aged nine, Zinnia was placed into foster care. After the birth of her child, Zinnia became homeless.

But after coming to Centrepoint, today Zinnia has her own flat and her dream job.

Read Zinnia's Story

How you can help

You can be part of giving homeless young people a future. Support Centrepoint in Sunderland by taking on a fundraising challenge, sponsoring a room in one of our hostels or getting your company involved.

Contact your local representative

Email your regional fundraiser for more information about how you can support Centrepoint in Sunderland.

Email Sophie Jessop