Tori, a Centrepoint young person.

Centrepoint in London

We've been working in the capital since 1969 when we were founded in Dean Street, Soho.

Today, we have over 27 services supporting homeless young people in 15 boroughs across Greater London.


We've been building on local experience in the capital for almost 50 years. We offer a wide range of services, including a specialist mother and baby units, outreach for young people living independently, and affordable accommodation for young people.


Youth homelessness in London

Young people sleeping rough is a shocking and increasingly visible problem in London. But there are thousands more spending the night on buses or sofa surfing. Family breakdown, exiting gangs, child sexual exploitation and leaving foster care are just some of the reasons young people people are referred to Centrepoint.

In 2017/18, at least 12,200 young people in London approached their local authority because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Issue

Our impact in London

Centrepoint provides bed spaces for homeless young people.

We provide 770 accommodation units for homeless young people a year in London.

Graphic representing Centrepoint's locations in the UK.

We run 27 services in London where homeless young people can find essential support.

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

86 per cent of young people move on positively from Centrepoint.

Centrepoint is dedicated to help and support homeless youth like Abdul.

Abdul's story

Aged 15, fell into the wrong crowd. Trying to help a friend in a dangerous situation, Abdul was stabbed. Worried about their other children, his parents felt they had no choice but to ask him to leave. Abdul became homeless and started sleeping rough.

But when Abdul came to Centrepoint, he received a warm, safe room and support for his physical and mental health. Determined to leave his old life behind, he's seized every opportunity given to him. He's recently completed a catering course and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

How you can help

You can be part of giving homeless young people a future. Support Centrepoint in London by taking on a fundraising challenge, sponsoring a room in one of our hostels or getting your company involved.