Centrepoint in Barnsley

We help young people in Barnsley leave homelessness behind for good.

From getting young people off the street to giving them employment and training opportunities, we give homeless young people in Barnsley a future.

A home and a job in Barnsley

We work with the local authority and partners in Barnsley to provide support accommodation. Along with a safe place to stay, our services offer technical and practical support to help young people move on to live independently.

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Youth homelessness in Barnsley

Young people in Barnsley become homeless for lots of reasons, including relationship breakdowns and mental health problems.

In 2017/18, at least 11,000 young people across Yorkshire and the Humber approached their local authority because they were homeless or at risk.

The Issue

Our impact in Barnsley

An icon representing Centrepoint provides support from those leaving supported accommodation.

We support more than 60 homeless young people in Barnsley every day.

A graphic presenting the location of operation for Centrepoint and sites where Centrepoint provides housing for homeless

We give young people in Barnsley choices and control over how they recover from homelessness.

Centrepoint provides housing for homeless young people: a graphic representing that young people move on positively after leaving Centrepoint.

94 per cent of young people move on positively from Centrepoint.

Young woman smiles standing in her kitchen

Abbi's new life

Abbi became homeless at the age of 17 after it became impossible to stay in her family home. She spent months in temporary accommodation, moving from place to place. "It was horrible," says Abbi. "It started to dawn on me that one day I’m not going to have anywhere and that I’m going to be stuck by myself."

Centrepoint found Abbi a place to live and gave her support to build her independence. "I really don’t want to be on the dole for the rest of my life and not doing anything. I want to have a good life."

How you can help

You can be part of giving homeless young people a future. Support Centrepoint in Barnsley by taking on a fundraising challenge, sponsoring a room in one of our hostels or getting your company involved.

Contact your local representative

Email your regional fundraiser for more information about how you can support Centrepoint in Barnsley.

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