Smiling young woman sits on her bed

A safe, warm room

Centrepoint gives homeless young people a safe place to stay while they get help to move on with their lives.

We support more than 9,200 homeless 16-25 year olds a year into a home and a job in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East.

A fresh start

Every homeless young person is different - we have services for young single parents, young people leaving care and young people escaping violence and abuse. We run short-stay hostels, supported flats, and services where homeless young people can study and train. A safe place to stay is the foundation from which they can tackle the problems that led them to become homeless. Currently, 88 per cent of young people move on from Centrepoint positively.

Moving on


It was different at Centrepoint. Whoever you are they just accept you for it and they do genuinely care.

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We provide 1,057 bed spaces for homeless young people

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We support more than 9,200 homeless 16-25 year olds a year.

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We've helped more than 125,000 young people since 1969.

Safe, warm rooms Across the country

As the UK's leading youth homelessness charity, we run 60 accommodation services including homeless hostels and flats. We work in 14 boroughs in London, in Sunderland, Bradford and have just expanded into Manchester and Barnsley.

Matt - Hostel Manager
Matt (on the right) with a Centrepoint young person

Meet Matt - hostel manager

Matt manages a Centrepoint hostel in London. He has personal experience of homelessness after moving to the capital at 15. He oversees all the support young people receive at his service.

'I always think how I fell into a homelessness service and how it changed my life, basically. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t got into that service. It’s the same sort of thing, I just wanted to give something back to the young people.'

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Sponsor a room

Sponsor a room at Centrepoint for just 40p a day to help homeless young people live independent, fulfilling lives.

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A room alone is not the answer

Getting homeless young people to a safe, warm room is our first priority, but they need more support to leave homelessness behind for good. We provide help to improve their health, opportunities to learn, train and work and support to move on when they're ready to leave Centrepoint.

Are you homeless, sofa surfing or at risk?

If you're rough sleeping, sofa surfing or don't feel safe in your home, the Centrepoint Helpline is there to support you. You can also get in touch if you're worried about a young person. Call 0808 800 0661 or click on the helpline logo for more information.