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Homeless young people, aged 16-25, stay with Centrepoint for up to two years, but we keep supporting them for another six months to make sure they can live independently.

We provide accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment.

A home and a job A future

Centrepoint is the UK's leading charity for homeless young people - but what does that actually mean? It means that, together with our partners, we support 9,200 young people every year. We help 16-25 year olds into a safe place to live, give them a health assessment and plan support for their individual mental and physical health needs. We start them on a path to more independence and a job.


I haven't cried since Christmas

I haven’t felt so positive in such a long time, since Christmas day I haven’t cried. I’ve been positive and haven’t self-harmed. If you’re positive and you’re ready to move on in life then Centrepoint will help you, they’ll help you succeed all the way. They try to meet you half way. If anything they meet you three quarters of the way.

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Team England women at Homeless World Cup 2016

The Street Football Association

The Street Football Association uses street football and life skills workshops to transform the lives of people who've experienced homelessness and social exclusion. It became part of Centrepoint in 2014. Working with professional football clubs, they give male and female players inspirational opportunities to represent England and top club teams. The Street Football Association selects and manages Street Football Team England for the Homeless World Cup.

The Street Football Association

Do you know where you're sleeping tonight?

If you're sleeping rough, risking staying with strangers or think you've outstayed a welcome from friends or family, contact us today.

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