Coventry Building Society and Centrepoint

All together, better

Centrepoint are proud to launch our partnership with Coventry Building Society. Together, we're on a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in the UK.

Like us, Coventry Building Society believes every young person should have a place they can call home. We share the same vision to end youth homelessness for the next generation – that’s why we’ve joined forces to make change happen on both a national and a local scale.

We have a big ambition: to end youth homelessness

We want to ensure we end homelessness for the next generation. It's no easy feat, but it starts with a home.

When young people have a place to call home, the sense of security means they can focus on building a bright future. From better physical and mental health to relationships and a career - a safe home is the foundation from which life grows. Ending youth homelessness starts with safety and stability. 

Building towards a better future

That's where our new partnership comes in. Coventry Building Society are aiming to raise £1m each year to support our work, and will be making donations based on savings activity, as well as colleague and membership funding. 

These important funds will help us to further our work with homeless and at-risk young people, and help us get that crucial step further towards our goal. But our partnership is about more than just fundraising.

By working closely together and sharing expertise, including training and support for Helpline staff we will have an even more positive impact on young people.

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How are we going to do it?

We're working together on this ambitious and transformational partnership to end youth homelessness. From being there during those crucial times of crisis to providing them with the practical skills they need to thrive, here's how we're helping vulnerable young people move on from homelessness and fulfil their potential.

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Centrepoint and Coventry Building Society's innovative partnership

How we'll be working together

Centrepoint Helpline

Donations will help fund the Centrepoint Helpline, which provides specialist advice and guidance for young people across the UK who are homeless or worried about housing.

Education, training and employment

Funds will also help young people into education, training and employment opportunities, enabling them to realise their potential and a crucial step to independence.

Coventry youth hub

Together, we are opening a new Youth Hub in Coventry, with our partner St Basils. The hub will revolutionise the support young people receive, ensuring every homeless and at-risk young person in Coventry has a place to turn in their time of need.

Homelessness prevention scheme

We're carrying out a transformational prevention programme with schools that takes aim at the root of the problem by proactively identifying those at risk and taking steps to intervene early. This ambitious and much-needed programme, is the biggest of its kind to be piloted in the UK and is part of the long term route to ending youth homelessness for the next generation.