Young person in high vis on building site
"Centrepoint provided me not only with a place to live, but allowed me to gain an education and qualifications.

The Bursary has helped with travel, equipment, tools, books and uniform."

Katy's story

Katy left home at 18 after being physically, sexually and mentally abused. Eventually, she ended up living rough on the streets of London.

“I moved around from squats and sofas, park benches and churchyards,” Katy says. “It was scary. I look back now and think, wow, I was so vulnerable.”

Thankfully, Katy found her way to Centrepoint. “It was a turning point in my life,” Katy says. 

Through Centrepoint, Katy was offered a placement in the construction industry, but the cost of training and materials was beyond her means. She’d worked so hard, she’d earned her place. But now, she was at risk of losing her golden chance.

That’s where her Bursary made a decisive difference. Not only did it provide money for work clothing, textbooks and carpentry tools, it also paid for her travel to college and construction sites.

With your support now, homeless young people won’t have to miss out on the opportunities that could shape the rest of their lives. 

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