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Kyla's story: The bad times will pass

Tamsin Clements

Kyla sought help from Centrepoint in 2018 when she was at breaking point after her baby son was adopted. The team in Manchester supported her with drug and alcohol counselling, mental health support and securing housing and benefits. Four years later, Kyla is in her own home, in the second year of university and teetotal. Here is her story in her own words.

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Ryan's story: Wrap-around support

Tamsin Clements

Ryan came to Centrepoint aged just 17 and stayed for three years before moving on. Whilst at Centrepoint, he received wrap-around support from a variety of teams within the organisation. Ryan is feeling more optimistic about his future and although he still has difficulties, he feels Centrepoint has equipped him with skills that he will use and value for life.