Partnering membership terms and conditions

This document sets out how we will work together with you.


Centrepoint Soho (referred to as “Centrepoint, we or us” below) is a registered charity no 292411, whose registered office is at 25 Camperdown Street, London E1 8DZ. Working nationwide, Centrepoint supports 16-25 year olds into housing and employment. Centrepoint also partners with other organisations across the UK and we also conduct research and influence government policy with the overall aim of ending youth homelessness.

Centrepoint Partnering (“CP Partnering”) is a body of members committed to the common aim of supporting homeless young people. As a Member of Centrepoint Partnering, organisations will discuss strategic issues and operational delivery, share good practice and expertise and work with others to forward this aim. Reference in this document to “Partnering Member” means you, once you become a member of Centrepoint Partnering. 

1. Partnering membership


There are two levels of membership available:

  • Community membership (free)
  • Network membership (paid)


In addition to the membership packages above, there are a range of additional, optional services that you can buy. Detailed information of the types of membership packages and buy-in services are available upon request


Please note that the benefits available in membership packages may be subject to change from time to time. We will try and inform you of any changes that may affect you, but sometimes this may not be possible.


We sometimes use external partners/organisations to provide services to Partnering Members, for example CRM databases or Survey Monkey. These organisations may have their own terms and conditions. By becoming a Partnering Member and accessing these services, you may be automatically signed up to their terms and conditions. You can ask us for a copy of these.


We require assurance, in your membership application, that you have in place all necessary regulatory and operational policies and procedures in place, including in relation to data protection, whistleblowing and safeguarding.

2. Member involvement


Members bring a variety of expertise and experience to the partnership; together we can develop and influence the sector. Therefore active member engagement, such as attending events and participating in research is critical to the success of CP Partnering. You agree, by being a Partnering Member, to engage with CP Partnering.


Partnering Members that do not engage with CP Partnering or bring Centrepoint or CP Partnering into disrepute may have their membership reviewed or be removed from CP Partnering (membership being cancelled). Centrepoint may also need to follow this up with the involvement of regulatory bodies such as the Charity Commission, Local Safeguarding Boards, etc.

3. Membership registration, renewal and cancellation


You will be sent a Welcome Pack once your membership is confirmed.


Once confirmed, your CP Partnering membership will apply to your organisation. You may not transfer any of your rights and obligations under the membership to another organisation. We may request, from time to time, evidence of employment of any employees in your organisation accessing your CP Partnering membership.


Membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March of each year. CP Partnering membership is a rolling agreement and will automatically renew on 1 April of each year (the renewal anniversary), unless you cancel it.


We reserve the right to cancel or not fulfil your request for registration with CP Partnering.


If you are accepted into CP Partnering membership, but it subsequently turns out that any or all of the information provided by you was misleading or false, we reserve the right to revoke the CP Partnering membership with immediate effect, without the right of appeal.


As part of your membership requirements, we will be asking you to complete a Keeping In Touch Survey bi-annually. Members must complete this survey within four weeks of receiving it. Should you fail to do so a reminder will be sent. Failure to complete the survey within two weeks of the reminder, will lead to termination of your membership with immediate effect.


If your membership is terminated for reasons above, or if you decide to cancel your membership, you must no longer make reference to yourself being a Partnering Member.


For paid memberships (Network Membership), in addition to above:

  • Fees displayed on an application form, or quoted by a CP Partnering representative, will prevail. Where applicable, VAT will be charged at the current rate.
  • Your first membership payment will be pro-rata to the 1st day of the month in which your registration is submitted and you can cancel your membership within the first ten working days by letter or email (at the contact details below, or as may be changed and notified to you from time to time).
  • Payment of any membership fees must be made within 30 days of our invoice date.
  • If we discover an error in the price of your subscription, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible.
  • We reserve the right to increase the price of the CP Partnering membership subscription on an annual basis. You will be informed of any fee increase at least one month in advance of the renewal anniversary.
  • If you wish to cancel or not renew your membership, you must inform us in writing by letter or email (at the contact details below, or as may be changed and notified to you from time to time) 14 days before automatic renewal.
  • Renewal payment is confirmation of the continued acceptance of these terms and conditions. Once renewal of your CP Partnering membership has occurred, it will still be possible to cancel your CP Partnership membership, but we are not obliged to offer a refund if the sufficient notice has not been given.

4. Events


All events are booked on a first come, first booked basis.


The number of free spaces which may be provided under your relevant CP Partnering membership package is subject to change at our discretion, and may be changed subject to availability.


Paid for places on events will not be confirmed unless payment has been received by us in full.


Cancellations made 14 days or more before any chargeable event will be refunded in full. Cancellations after that date will be charged in full, although substitute attendees can be made at any time.


Our Partnering conferences and forums may be subject to separate terms and conditions. Please check these at the time of booking.

5. Centrepoint Intellectual Property


Any intellectual property rights, including that of materials provided for your use under your CP Partnering membership package remain with us.


Ownership of any materials provided for your use under your CP Partnering membership package also remain with us, and you are permitted to use them with our permission.


The use of any materials supplied as a part of the CP Partnering membership packages will be at our discretion.


You are strictly prohibited from removing our Centrepoint logo or branding, from rebranding, or making any changes and/or amendments to any materials provided to you without our express, written consent; such consent will be entirely at our discretion.

6. Centrepoint Partnering branding


Partnering Members may wish to use the “Centrepoint Partnering” name and logo (this is different to Centrepoint’s logo above) and whilst we actively encourage Partnering Members to do this (see below), we have the right to withhold usage of the CP Partnering logo at our discretion.


CP Partnering Members who wish to use the CP Partnering logo must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Provide a copy of the materials to Centrepoint at the contact details below.
  • Use the logo in accordance with Centrepoint Partnering's brand guidelines.
  • Include agreed text that describes the organisation’s Partnering Member(ship) status.
  • Include text that confirms that any views expressed in the materials are that of the author and not of Centrepoint Partnering.


Copy of CP Partnering branding for your use can be obtained by contacting us on the details below.


Further guidance on the use of the CP Partnering logo can also be sought from Centrepoint’s Communications Team on 0845 4663400.

7. Data and Handling of Data (GDPR)


Centrepoint will be responsible for the collection and aggregation of anonymous data from Partnering Members that deliver similar services nationally to homeless young people. This is an important aspect of Centrepoint Partnering since the collection and aggregation of such data improves the national visibility of youth homelessness and adds credibility to campaigns and lobbying.


All Partnering Members will be expected to comply with any requests for such data. Requests will usually be made quarterly, by email, but may also be made on an ad-hoc basis.


The data given will evidence the number of young people benefiting through the working relationships Partnering Members have with Centrepoint. We reserve the right to use aggregated data in external communications.


Any personal data provided to Centrepoint will be held / processed in accordance with data protection regulations, as may be changed from time to time and in accordance with Centrepoint’s Records Retention and Destruction Procedure.

8. Legals


All services provided by us are subject to copyright law.


Our liability to you will not extend to any CP Partnership membership related benefits, goods or services provided by an external provider.


Our liability to you in the event of publications being lost in dispatch shall, at our discretion, be limited to replacement of the missing documents


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information shared with Partnering Members; however, neither we nor the authors can accept liability for errors and omissions within the publications. Diligence and care should be taken when using the information provided. We use our best endeavours to ensure all information provided by us is as up to date as possible. However, you should not rely on the information provided as the sole basis for making business, legal or other decisions. You should seek appropriate independent advice before making any such decisions.


We may change these provisions at any time upon giving you 14 days written notice. Partnering Members may cancel their membership without penalty if they do not accept any proposed variation.


These provisions override any contrary terms or conditions published by us in relation to any Partnership Membership subscription between you and us.


This document is governed by English law. A person who is not party to these Terms shall not have any rights under or in connection with them under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. If any court or competent authority decides that any of the provisions of these Terms are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, the term will, to that extent only, be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

9. Queries, comments and complaints


If you have any queries, comments or complaints, the Centrepoint Partnering office address is:

The Factory Young People’s Centre
5 Devon Way
B31 2TS



We will respond to any complaint or query received within seven working days. This may be an acknowledgement that we have received a complaint whilst further investigations are carried out.