It’s a shocking truth that 1 in 52 young people are homeless, or at risk of homelessness in the UK today.

Tonight, hundreds more young people are in danger on our streets. They’re a prime target for grooming, exploitation and criminal gangs. Then there is the mental toll that homelessness takes on young minds, with many suffering from sleep deprivation, depression and anxiety. Some turn to drugs to cope with the grim reality.

Your gift today could support a young person so that their setbacks don’t hold them back forever.

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Play video Two members of Centrepoint’s Rough Sleepers Initiative Team working at night to support homeless people on the streets

A Day in the Life of the Rough Sleepers Team

Watch this video to find out more about what a day is like for our Rough Sleepers Team. 

From the crack of dawn, they search for vulnerable young people who urgently need help – and may not know help is available to them. By gently introducing themselves and explaining what Centrepoint can provide, from the basics like a hot shower and clean clothes to help securing housing. It can take months to gain a young person’s trust, but it means they know they can turn to Centrepoint when they're ready.

Your donation could support the team's efforts to help homeless young people.

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A young man leans against a wall, looking happy.

Kyle's Story

Following a family breakdown at 18, Kyle ended up on the streets and has battled with homelessness and substance use since.

With support from Centrepoint's Homelessness Prevention and Relief Service (HPRS) in Manchester, Kyle is now in his own permanent accommodation. He has put drugs behind him and is on the path to securing stable employment. He says: "Centrepoint have helped me with so much, they’ve been amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything else, they have been like a family to me."

Kyle's progress is truly inspiring - but more young people still need the tailored support that helped Kyle to turn his life around.

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Support Life-Changing Services

Our services give homeless young people the right support, at just the right time. This includes:

  • The Rough Sleepers Team reaches out to meet homeless young people with compassion. This builds the trust and connections that means, when they're ready, entrenched rough sleepers can start on their path to safety.
  • The Complex Case Team, which helps those who arrive with multiple issues that need specialist support. Taking many forms, they ultimately provide a consistent source of support for young people – often for the very first time in their lives.
  • The Centrepoint Works Team unlocks the innate talents of young people through support into training, work experience, internships and apprenticeships. This gives them a huge confidence boost and the ability to earn their own livelihood and a brighter future for themselves.

Such wraparound support for homeless young people is not possible without you behind us. 

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