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Our Son Chris

When their son died suddenly at just 22, Mr & Mrs Andrew wanted his memory to live on - but they weren't sure of the best way to honour him.

After a chat with Centrepoint, they found the perfect way to remember Chris that also supported a cause that was close to his heart. 

Here, they tell us about their son and the legacy he's left behind.


“He was an extraordinary young man. From the beginning it was obvious to us that we had an exceptionally bright child.

"Chris was just coming up to his 23rd birthday when he died of a brain haemorrhage, which was caused by an aneurysm. We were all devastated by it – it came completely out of the blue.

"We didn’t know what we wanted at first, but our idea was to give something in memory and in honour of our son.

"Chris was very concerned about homelessness. It enraged him that a rich city like London could have so many people in it that were homeless. He thought it was outrageous, and wrong. When he passed homeless people in the street he wouldn’t give them money – instead he’d ask them, “Can I get you something, mate?” He’d then go and get them a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

“The idea of it being a music suite came through Centrepoint and it seemed perfect. It connects with Chris in so many ways. It’s in the part of London that he knew well and it’s helping homeless young people, which he profoundly cared about. It’s music, which was a major component of his life.  It just ticks the box in every way.”

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