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Sleep Out Safely

Make sure your event is both fun and safe by following our guidance.

Sleep Out Safely

Your safety is our top priority at your Sleep Out event. Common sense and good planning are key, but here are a few other things to consider.

Health and Safety
Firstly, you will need to make sure you comply with COVID-19 government guidelines. Secondly, think about the possible risks, accidents or legal issues about your venue – even if it’s somewhere you know well like your workplace, school, community centre or place of worship. It is important to make sure you have the permission of the land/property owner before planning your event. The best way to identify any potential accidents or hazards is to complete a risk assessment. If you have never done one before, take a look at some guidance and download a free template here. If you’re doing it at home or in your garden, you will encounter less risks to consider but do take some time to think if anything will be different for you at home for the night.

At work
If it is at work, you’ll need to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and COVID-19 government guidelines. You will need to make sure you have permission from the building manager to use your place of work. You will also need to follow the risk assessment guidance in the above section – your workplace may have their own risk assessment procedure and template.

Security and First Aid
Make sure that all participants will be safe and secure throughout the event, with only the participants being able to access the event space. You will also need first aid at your venue – they may already have this in place. This could be a first aid kid, a qualified first aider, or volunteer support from St John’s Ambulance or the British Red Cross.

It is important that you consider how your event would work if the weather was bad. Being in the UK rain is never far away so we advise making sure there is a suitable indoor space for people to use if needs be if the weather becomes a more severe issue.

Setting up and packing down
Help keep everything fit and healthy by ensuring that people following safe moving and handling procedure. Read more about this and other useful information on event safety here.

Raffles and lotteries
You can have a raffle, tombola or sweepstake on the night without a licence if the tickets are all the same price and are sold during the event. You can name the winners during or after the event. Check here to read about raffles at events. Here is a detailed guide to help you decide if you need a license. If you need any further help please email the team, details below.

If you have collections on private property at, or leading up to, the event all you need is the manager or owner’s written permission. Keep this with you when collecting. We can provide you with a letter of authority if you need it to ask the owner’s permission. Any public collections require a licence from the council or the Metropolitan Police if you're in London. This can take over a month to get so be sure to plan ahead! Check who you need to contact here.

Our Logo
If you wish to use our logo on any fundraising materials you make for your event, please email the team to request use of our ‘In Aid of Centrepoint’ logo.

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