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Put on your own Sleep Out

Sleep Out is a fundraising challenge that replicates part of what it’s like to sleep rough, in support of the young people who face it as a reality.

Could you give up your bed for a sleeping bag? Bring together a dream team of friends, family and colleagues to put on a Sleep Out and give homeless young people a future.

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Put on your own Sleep Out

Order a Sleep Out pack to organise a Sleep Out in your community, at your workplace or in a local school. We'll support you as it all comes together.

Where would you be most likely to hold your Sleep Out?
We'd love to keep you informed about upcoming events and how you can support homeless young people in other ways. Please check the boxes below to indicate how you would like to be contacted. In accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, Centrepoint will use your personal data to process your registration of interest in holding your own Sleep Out. Centrepoint will only send you updates and information from time to time if you indicate below that you would like to receive this information. We will never sell or share your details with other organisations.
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Sleep out Safely

Whether you're joining us at a Centrepoint Sleep Out or running one of your own, even more important to us than your fundraising is that you stay safe. Common sense goes a long way, but there are a few things we'd recommend that you consider to keep yourself and others safe and within the law. Have a look at the page we've put together to help you Sleep Out safely.

Sleep Out health and safety