If you believe no young person should be in terrible danger this Christmas, please take action now and help bring them to safety.

A generation of vulnerable young people is being pushed further into financial despair. This has a devastating consequence:

Every four minutes, a young person is facing homelessness in the UK.

This means that in the time it takes you to read this, a young person will be gripped with the anxiety and terror of finding themselves with nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. They have no alternative but to join almost 136,000 young people facing homelessness this year – contending with hardship, trauma and danger that no young person should ever experience.

Will you help bring a young person to safety this Christmas?

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Aimee's Story

Forced to leave home at 18, Aimee found herself homeless. With no one else to turn to for help, she persuaded a local landlady to let her spend the night in the pub after closing. Eventually, Aimee found an emergency hostel, but she was housed with vulnerable adults so it wasn’t an appropriate place for someone as young as her. The hostel was also up so many flights of stairs that she struggled to get in and out of the building. As Aimee says: “During my time at that hostel, I had multiple seizures brought on by the extra stress I was under. It was not a good place for me.”

When Aimee was referred to Centrepoint, she finally had someone on her side. We were able to offer her a room which was safe, warm and secure, all the things a home should be. Aimee has just finished studying business and law at college, and hopes to train as a solicitor at university. She’s also a song-writer and rapper and works at a youth club.

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No young person should be homeless this Christmas. Please make a donation today

Your gift could help a young person who is homeless and in danger, find safety this Christmas:

  • You could help a desperate young person access vital advice through our Helpline.
  • You could help provide a young person with a warm, safe room, where they have the stability and security they need to begin a new life.
  • You could help give a young person counselling, so they can begin to move on from the trauma of homelessness in winter

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