6 ways to help homeless young people in cold weather

18 January, 2019

With temperatures dropping across the country, here are Centrepoint's tips on what to do if you see …

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Achieving goals

13 March, 2019

Housing is just the first step for young people. Once they have their own room, they need opportunit…

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Housing benefit now protected for all young people

03 January, 2019

It was back in 2012 when David Cameron, then Prime Minister, first suggested young people should not…

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How Centrepoint supports homeless young mums and their children

29 March, 2019

We know that homeless young women are some of society’s most vulnerable people. But imagine how much…

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It's time to talk about mental health

06 February, 2019

Mental health problems affect one in four of us during our lifetimes. So why are people are still af…

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Our New Year's policy resolutions

02 January, 2019

Happy New Year from everyone here at Centrepoint and a special thanks to everyone who supported us l…

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Providing access to legal advice for homeless young people

15 March, 2019

Many of us will have needed legal advice at some point in our lives.  We might have experienced an i…

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Quality youth work is key to preventing crisis for young people

04 March, 2019

At Centrepoint, we see young people at the sharp end of a crisis every day.

Family breakdown, strug…

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The Homelessness Reduction Act: one year on

07 March, 2019

This week Centrepoint hosted a parliamentary round table on the delivery of the Homelessness Reducti…

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The Youth Obligation: does it work

30 January, 2019

At Centrepoint, we welcome any government policy that means disadvantaged young people get extra hel…

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Traineeships: an important stepping stone

26 March, 2019

The Department for Work and Pensions Minister, Justin Tomlinson, visited Centrepoint last week to se…

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UGLY Tribe: understanding girls like you

08 March, 2019

Understanding Girls Like You (U.G.L.Y Tribe) is a programme aimed at improving emotional health and …

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Welcome reforms to Universal Credit

18 January, 2019

Earlier this month, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Amber Rudd announced a number of change…

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