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Our blog is a safe space where we discuss the things that really matter to us: young people, housing, government policy, our campaigns and our research.

It's where we ask the difficult questions, demystify the jargon, discuss the topics that affect young people most and give you a glimpse of our day-to-day as a youth homelessness charity.

Learn more about Centrepoint from those on the front line below.

6 ways to help homeless young people in cold weather

18 January, 2019

Spotted a young person out on the streets that you’re worried about?

Laura from Centrepoint’s Helpl…

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A Day in the Life of a Centrepoint Therapist During COVID-19

15 May, 2020

Our health team are a fundamental part of the work we do at Centrepoint. So much has changed for them – and the young people they support – since Coronavirus hit. Here, Centrepoint therapist Monica walks us through what a normal day looks like for her in the midst of the pandemic.

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A day in the life: Stephen Geale, Senior Psychotherapist

10 October, 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day and, coincidentally, World Homelessness Day. With this in mind, we thought there was no better time to speak to our Senior Psychotherapist, Stephen Geale, who works as part of London’s Health & Wellbeing team, about what it’s like to work for Centrepoint and why mental health services are such an important part of what we offer.

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A Year Like No Other: An Introduction to Our New Research

20 April, 2021

Centrepoint’s new report, A Year Like No Other, has reflected on the impact of the last year on vulnerable young people, looking at youth unemployment, homelessness, poverty and mental health, and assessing the impact of the government’s policy interventions during the pandemic. 

Here, Deputy Service Manager Emily Cretch talks us through the research, and reflects on how the past year has been for her and her team.

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Achieving goals

13 March, 2019

Craig McManus, Our Senior Development Officer, introduces our engagement programme, and reflects on …

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After fighting long and hard, this year I'll be celebrating christmas in my own home

18 December, 2020

After being referred to Centrepoint at just 16, Jamie has longed for stable accommodation. This year, Jamie was able to secure herself a permanent place to call home. In her own words, here’s how she got there – and how she’ll be celebrating Christmas in her new abode.

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All I Want For Christmas: 'Found Families' Make The Festive Period Worth Celebrating

18 December, 2019

Former Centrepoint resident Dale Taylor-Gentles tells us why Christmas can often feel like the loneliest time of year for young people without a stable family structure, and how the idea of a 'Found Family' meant he could look forward to the holidays again.

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Are you ready for STAY:UP 2021?

21 May, 2021

STAY:UP is fast approaching, and we’re looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces through our screens for our second event that challenges people to tackle tiredness for youth homelessness.

But what activities can you do to help us raise money for homeless young people? And who’s going to be taking part this time round? Well, we’ve got a great night lined up for you on Friday 28 May – here’s everything you need to know about STAY:UP 2021…

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Being Homeless in Winter

05 November, 2021

Our research shows that in 2019/20, 121,000 young people in the UK approached their council for help as they were currently homeless or at risk of homelessness – a 40% rise in the last four years. With winter fast approaching, this means thousands of young people are facing cold nights on the streets. Here's how you can help. 

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Black Lives Matter: Our Commitment to tackling racism

10 July, 2020

Make no mistake: racism is deadly and breeds hate, and it’s about time the world – individuals, governments and institutions like ours – reckoned with the part we play in perpetuating systemic racism. Here is our commitment to tackling this injustice.

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Breaking the cycle of abuse

03 December, 2018

This year, 25 November-10 December marks the international campaign of 16 Days Against Domestic Viol…

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Care leavers are being left behind - here's how we can help

01 November, 2019

This week marks National Care Leavers Week, and as such we're highlighting the challenges faced by many care leavers trying to find an affordable place to call home - and what can be done to help them settle into the next stage of their life with ease.

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Centrepoint at the Chelsea Flower Show

22 May, 2019

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is an incredible annual show held every year and admired by people acros…

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Centrepoint Launches Manchester Homelessness Project

03 August, 2022

In 2020, Centrepoint embarked on its most ambition project to date: redevelop our service in Greater Manchester to ensure we can provide homeless young people with a safe place to move on from homelessness.

Two years later, we have launched the new, psychologically informed environment that has been created both for and with young people. 52 Oldham Street is a safe space for vulnerable young people to recover, grow, and make steps to independent living.

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Centrepoint marks 50th anniversary with Charity Gala

08 November, 2019

​The evening at London's Roundhouse will feature performances from Duran Duran and Rita Ora, DJing from Nick Grimshaw, and Claudia Winkleman and James Nesbitt on hosting duties. 

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Centrepoint Residents Ask Crucial Questions at the General Election Housing Hustings

06 December, 2019

Last night Centrepoint took part in the National Housing Hustings, with current and former residents given the opportunity to ask crucial questions on the housing crisis.

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Centrepoint teams up with charities to demand focus on homelessness this general election

12 November, 2019

In the lead up to next month's General Election, Centrepoint, Shelter, Homeless Link, Depaul UK, Crisis and St Mungo's have come together to launch new campaign 'End Homelessness Now'.

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Centrepoint Took on the Benefits System - And Won

12 November, 2021

Our legal team recently experienced a bittersweet victory: through years of hard work they managed to reclaim a huge backlog of benefits payments owed to a young person using Centrepoint’s services. A huge and monumental success, yes -but it certainly wasn’t an easy win.

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Centrepoint’s Activities Team Empower Vulnerable Young People Into Independence

21 January, 2022

As our former engagement team begin to reintroduce events and outings that aim to inspire and empower as the HOMES Activities Team, we caught up with them after a residential outing to Staffordshire, which brought together homeless young people from services all over the country for some daring outdoor activities. Here, the team tell us what these trips mean to young people, and just how it helps them prepare for independence.

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Centrepoint’s Bursary Fund Keeps Young People’s Futures Within Their Grasp

27 July, 2022

For many vulnerable young people, Centrepoint's Bursary provides a crucial lifeline for continuing their education and starting a career - both of which are key steps to independence.

Without such funds, a young person’s future can so easily slip through their hands. With the right support, an education and career can feel like a tangible, achievable goal.

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Centrepoint’s Legal Team Help Young People Get the Justice They Deserve

22 October, 2021

Our legal team make up a vital part of the service we offer young people at Centrepoint. For those seeking legal support, it can be incredibly difficult to attain without financial aid, and so many often go without. Centrepoint is here to help change that. Nabila, a legal administrator coming to the end of a secondment with the Legal Team, tells us about what she has learnt during her time with the department and the important service they provide.

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Centrepoint's Bursary Helps Young People Take Their Final Step To Independence

19 July, 2021

For so many young people who come through our doors, Centrepoint's Bursary provides a crucial lifeline for continuing their education and starting a career - both of which are key steps to independence.

But did you know that we actually have three different kinds of Bursary, and that it's actually one of the last steps in helping young people to move on from homelessness?

Find out more about our life-changing Bursaries here.

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Centrepoint's Campaign Reaches Parliament

07 February, 2020

This week MPs debated the Chance to Move On campaign, following a visit to 10 Downing Street, where Centrepoint residents presented a petition of over 20,000 signatures.

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Centrepoint's Learning Team Is Fundamental To Supporting Young People Into Independence

23 June, 2021

A large proportion of young people entering Centrepoint’s services are not in education, employment …

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Centrepoint's new modular homes will tackle youth homelessness and unemployment

14 October, 2019

Centrepoint has launched the biggest capital investment plan in its 50-year history: to deliver 300 new modular homes across London and Greater Manchester by 2021.

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CHAIN Statistics Shows Resources Do Not Meet Needs Of Rising Homelessness Numbers

19 February, 2021

New stats show that, whilst homelessness continues to increase at an alarming rate, the resources available are not sufficient at meeting this current demand. Centrepoint's Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Paul Noblet, asserts that the government need to do more for the UK's rough sleepers. 

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Coming to Sleep Out 2019? Here’s everything you need to know…

31 October, 2019

Whether you’re an SO aficionado or new to the tradition, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Sleep Out.

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Coronavirus is showing the UK how hard the benefits system can be

24 April, 2020

Very few positives will arise from the situation we’re in, and nearly a million people having to claim Universal Credit because of job loss is not one of them. But it will give many people a more tangible idea of what it’s like to try and claim UC, and a respect for those who do, particularly the young people who we so often see at Centrepoint who have to face the monolithic benefits system alone.

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COVID-19 pandemic: We Need Hostels To Stay Open

20 March, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented risks to all, but those experiencing or at risk of homelessness are especially vulnerable. Charities like Centrepoint, Depaul UK and St Mungo’s which directly provide accommodation for people who are homeless are determined to do everything it takes to maintain the high level of service we deliver all year round, yet the sector needs vital support from the government to do this. 

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Creating Safe Spaces for homeless LGBTQ+ Youths

14 February, 2020

LGBT young people make up 24% of the youth homeless population. February marks LGBT Awareness Month, and so we're asking the all-important question: how can we ensure we create safe spaces for members of the LGBTQ+ community without a place to stay?

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Everything You Need To Know About The Vagrancy Act

28 August, 2020

The Vagrancy Act has been part of UK legislation for nearly 200 years - but as it continues to criminalise rough sleepers and pushes them further into poverty, isn't it time we found a new approach, one that actually provides support to the UK's street homeless?

Here's what you need to now about The Vagrancy Act, and what we can do to change this antiquated law.

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Five ways homeless young people are affected by violence and exploitation

06 August, 2019

New research by Centrepoint highlights just how youth violence and criminal exploitation impacts on …

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For Homeless Young People, An Education Is A Crucial Part of Breaking The Cycle

28 July, 2020

An education is an essential pathway into a good job for most - but for homeless young people, it can be what takes them out of a life of poverty and rough sleeping, and gives them a chance to create their own futures. But from the very start, getting into higher education can be a struggle in itself. 

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For young people, there has never been a more crucial time for mental health support

12 February, 2021

The ramifications of Covid-19 has made the route to youth homelessness much easier and reaching vulnerable young people far harder. Centrepoint has successfully managed to pivot to virtual support, but we need your help to make sure we continue to help those with complex mental health needs.

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Six reasons why leaving care sometimes isn’t the step forward it should be

18 July, 2017

Nobody should become homeless as a result of leaving care, but our new research shows that more than…

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Happy Birthday Prince William! Our Favourite Moments with Centrepoint’s Patron

21 June, 2022

On 13 September 2005, Prince William, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, became patron of Centrepoint - an enormous honour for Centrepoint staff and the young people we support. 

As he celebrates his 40th birthday, we wanted to reflect on his time as our patron and the amazing things he’s done to support homeless young people.

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Helping the homeless in the cost of living crisis

01 March, 2022

A recent UK parliament report has found that inflation could reach its highest level recorded since 1992. With wages not growing nearly as fast, the chasm between earnings and the cost of living is growing at a seismic rate, leaving thousands to increasingly cut costs to keep themselves afloat.

This is a nationwide crisis: it affects us all, but certainly touches some more than others. So, how can you help the homeless if you don’t have the resources to donate your own money?

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Here's How Our Health Team Are Coping During Lockdown

22 May, 2020

So much of the Centrepoint health team’s work is carried out face-to-face with young people, meaning that, since Covid-19 took hold, it was essential for the team to pivot – and quickly – to a virtual way of working. Here's how they managed it.

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Here's Why You Should Try Move In May

27 May, 2022

During the month of May we're asking people to take 122,000 steps and raise £122 to help the nearly 122,000 young people facing homelessness in the UK.

You won't just be helping young people - you'll be looking out for your physical and mental health, too. But don't take our word for it - hear from our supporters who have taken part. 

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Homeless Benefits: A Guide to Your Financial Entitlement

13 August, 2021

Financial benefits, housing support and access to government employment programmes are all key to helping homeless people gain their independence. However, for the homeless, benefits – and the process of claiming them – can sometimes seem confusing. That’s why we’re here to help with our handy guide to your entitlement.

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Homeless Teen to Olympic Hero: Jade Johnson’s Message of Hope

03 December, 2021

Most people know Jade Johnson as an Olympic track and field athlete; many may recognise her from her high-scoring Foxtrot on Strictly Come Dancing. But before Jade made it big, she spent a brief period as a homeless young person at 17. Here she tells us about her experience – and how it’s made her a stronger person.

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Homeless young people must be heard in this General Election

21 November, 2019

Ahead of the General Election on 12 December, we must shine light on an unjust benefits system that is denying young people the chance to move on from homelessness. Public affairs and campaigns officer Vicky Nevin discusses Centrepoint’s Chance to Move On campaign.

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Homes for the future: Why young people’s housing needs should be taken seriously this election

30 November, 2019

Centrepoint’s research and policy officer Billy Harding makes the case why all political parties need to deliver on their housing promises at this general election.

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Housing benefit now protected for all young people

03 January, 2019

After years of campaigning, the regulations which reinstate housing benefit for young people aged 18…

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How Centrepoint supports homeless young mums and their children

29 March, 2019

This Mother’s Day, Hayley from our Health team describes how she worked with local businesses to cre…

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How Centrepoint Supports Young Refugees & Asylum Seekers

16 December, 2021

For those who are able to claim asylum in the UK, many barriers lie ahead. Without knowing the language, or how the systems that will be integral to their livelihood work, young refugees will struggle to secure the basics: food, shelter and good health.

Centrepoint’s goal is to help vulnerable young people become independent enough to live a good life that they can thrive in. And we are open to all homeless young people, regardless of their geographical circumstances. Whether they’ve been kicked out of their family home in London or have travelled to the UK as an unaccompanied minor, we’re here to help.

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How do food banks work during coronavirus?

02 October, 2020

Want to donate to a food bank, or thinking about using one yourself? Here's everything you need to know about doing this safely during the ongoing pandemic.

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How many young people are homeless in the UK?

10 December, 2020

Centrepoint’s new report reveals the true scale of youth homelessness in local areas across the UK. Every year over 100,000 young people aged 16-24 ask the council for help with homelessness. We examine the shocking number of homeless young people in 2019-20.

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How to Help Homeless People in Hot Weather

23 June, 2020

Hot weather can be detrimental to the health of those sleeping rough – and with a UK heatwave on its way, there’s never been a better time to know what you can do to help those stuck outside.

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How To Register To Vote If You're Homeless

26 November, 2019

With the deadline for registering to vote ending at midnight tonight, homeless young people still have the chance to have their say. 

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How Universal Credit Can Prevent Youth Homelessness

05 June, 2020

Vicky Nevin, Centrepoint’s Public Affairs and Campaigns Officer, reflects on the success of the Chance To Move On campaign. Ahead of the Spending Review, she calls for greater government investment to prevent youth homelessness.

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How we made it: Centrepoint's youth-led podcast

01 October, 2021

With over 600,000 shows and 62 million listeners, you could say podcasts are pretty popular - which is why we created our own. This National Podcasting Day, we’re taking a deep dive into one of our two fantastic Centrepoint podcasts, the youth-led Point Made. Find out how we made it, why it was important, and discover the young people who helped make it such a passionate podcast.

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International Women's Day: The Women of Centrepoint

08 March, 2021

This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the women of Centrepoint who make up over half of Centrepoint’s Senior Executive Team. Without them, Centrepoint wouldn’t, and couldn’t, be the charity it is today.

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Is there a link between youth homelessness and youth offending?

09 January, 2021

Tara Self, Forensic Mental Health MSc graduate at King’s College London, discusses the findings of a…

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06 February, 2019

Elena Derbyshire, Mental Health Advisor at Centrepoint, explains how we can challenge mental health …

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Kayaker travelled the world's longest lake for Centrepoint

19 November, 2021

Earlier this year, Ben Harris, 22, attempted to kayak solo the length of Lake Tanganika, the longest lake in the world. Despite some snags along the way, Ben managed to complete his mission and raised a whopping £12,000 for Centrepoint. Here, we speak to him about his incredible journey.

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LGBT History Month: Memories of Centrepoint During The AIDS Crisis

26 February, 2021

For LGBT History Month, we spoke to two former staff members about what it was like to work in Centrepoint’s Soho night shelter at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

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Life saving advice

08 May, 2019

If you met a young person who was homeless or at risk, would you know how to help them?

Most people…

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Lisa Nandy Delivers Speech At Centrepoint

24 January, 2020

Last week Labour leader hopeful Lisa Nandy stood in a room at our Dean Street services, filled with journalists, young people and Centrepoint staff, to deliver a speech about why she deserves to be the next leader of the Labour party.

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Lockdown was hard - but for those trying to stay sober, it could be agony

24 July, 2020

Former Centrepoint resident Jade has been looking after her two small children since the pandemic took hold. No easy feat, by any means, but Jade's struggles are twofold: as a former addict in recovery, lockdown has tested her strength to stay sober. Here, Jade tells us her lockdown story in her own words.

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Locked Out: Youth Homelessness during and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic

17 July, 2020

Centrepoint’s policy and research officer Billy Harding talks about our new research on the impacts of Coronavirus on youth homelessness in England.

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London Mayor 2021: Who will tackle youth homelessness in the capital?

06 May, 2021

Today sees the London mayoral elections take place once again, but this year will be different from the others: in the wake of a pandemic that has devastated the lives of many all over the country, there is much to rebuild.

All candidates have vowed to improve London over the next four years – but who will make a difference to the lives of homeless young people?

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Making homeless young people count

12 November, 2018

Centrepoint's new research reveals over 103,000 young people in the UK are homeless or at risk.


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Men's Health Week: Men & Covid-19

11 June, 2021

Men’s Health Week aims to improve the lives of men and boys, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, as we emerge from the biggest health crisis of the 21st century, the question is: where do we go from here?

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Misconceptions of young motherhood

25 March, 2022

For any new mum, the journey into motherhood is an alien experience. For the young people in our services, the pressure is twofold: not only are they navigating the demands of new life, but they are often dealing with their own trauma, be it a family breakdown, fleeing violence, or the experience of rough sleeping. 

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More Needs To Be Done To Support The UK's Young Carers

30 January, 2020

For Young Carers Awareness day, here's what it's like to be a young carer for someone you love - and what we can do to help.

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More than a number: scale of youth homelessness revealed

03 May, 2018

Our research estimates 86,000 young people asked for help from their local council in 2016-17 becaus…

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More Than a Number: The Scale of Youth Homelessness in 2020-21

25 January, 2022

Our research estimates nearly 122,000 young people asked for help from their local council in 2020-21 because they were homeless or at risk.

Dan Poursaeedi, Centrepoint's Senior Policy, Research and Databank Officer, explains the findings of the recent Youth Homelessness Databank report for 2020-2021.

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Night Buses & Homeless Young People

17 February, 2020

Research shows more homeless young people are turning to the night bus as a place for shelter than ever before - but they can be an incredibly dangerous place for a young person to be.

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No place to spend Christmas: new research into experiences of youth homelessness

15 November, 2019

Over the Christmas period last year, an estimated 22,000 young people sought help because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Centrepoint’s policy and research officer Billy Harding discusses new research into the experiences of homeless young people across England and Wales.

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Our Commitment To Anti-Racism: One Year On

13 July, 2021

In July 2020, we put together a mission statement of how we planned to support Black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) staff within Centrepoint. We promised to hold ourselves accountable, to look at our processes, and to speak to those at the heart of the matter: our staff.

A lot of our work on being anti-racist begins on the inside, at the core. And so, we wanted to share an update on our progress with you, our supporters, to let you know we’re still striving towards our mission. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

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Our longest serving Sleep Out partner on why your business should join the cause

14 November, 2019

There’s still time for you and your business to join us in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on 21 November. And if you’re still not sure whether to don your thermals, let ludlowthompson, our longest serving corporate Sleep Out partner, convince you.​

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Our New Year's policy resolutions

02 January, 2019

With 103,000 homeless young people approaching their local council because they were homeless or at …

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PIE: An Introduction To 'Psychologically Informed Environments'

23 August, 2019

Centrepoint has implemented a ‘Psychologically Informed Environment’ (PIE) across the organisation. Here, Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Dr Helen Miles, explains what this will mean for the charity and our homeless young people. 

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Pregnant and Homeless: A Guide to Support During Pregnancy

13 November, 2020

As more expectant mothers are finding themselves without a roof over their head, the right support has never been more vital. This not only ensures the health and well-being of the mother but of her child as well. We’re here to guide you through your options and the services available to help you through this crucial time.

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Preventing homelessness for young prison leavers

13 June, 2018

Many people leave prison without a clear plan for where they are going to live.

Abigail Gill, Centr…

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Providing access to legal advice for homeless young people

15 March, 2019

Nina Calder, Connect Legal Advice Clinic Coordinator, explains how our partnerships help homeless yo…

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Quality youth work is key to preventing crisis for young people

04 March, 2019

Billy Harding, Policy and Research Officer, talks about the importance of youth work in tackling iss…

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Ready to Move On

31 October, 2018

Vicky Nevin, Centrepoint's Public Affairs Officer, introduces our new report exploring the barriers …

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Sacrificing Their Food and Their Future: Keeping The Universal Credit Uplift for Young People

21 September, 2021

As recipients of the lowest amount of Universal Credit, young people have been left struggling to make ends meet for decades. When the weekly £20 uplift is removed at the end of this month, many vulnerable young people who live independently from their family will be forced to compromise between food, bills or rent – an impossible choice that will make it even harder for homeless young people to move forward with their lives. 

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Self-isolation is hard. Self-isolation as a vulnerable young person is harder

09 April, 2020

The UK's lockdown has been tough on everyone. But for vulnerable young people who are unable to self-isolate effectively, it could literally be the difference between life and death. Here's what we're doing to protect homeless young people - and what we'd like to see in the weeks to come.

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Sleep Out Tips and Tricks From Our Regular Sleepers

18 November, 2019

Sleep Out has finally begun, and we’re seeing people grabbing their thermals up and down the country to join us in raising money for London’s homeless young people. But if you’re new to Sleep Out, our regular corporate Sleep Out-ers give you their best tips and tricks to get you through the night and beyond.

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Staff Wellbeing at Centrepoint

12 March, 2021

Centrepoint has been building a new, psychologically-informed, working environment with staff wellbeing at its heart.

Here, Senior Digital and Communications Officer Keir Forde, explains why and how we’re promoting staff wellbeing, and where we’ve got to in our first 12 months.

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STAY:UP 2020: What happened on the night

16 October, 2020

Last Thursday, we held our first ever STAY:UP fundraising event - and now we’ve managed to catch up on our sleep, we’re here to tell you all about it.

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Supporting homeless young people's mental health at Christmas

21 December, 2018

Christmas is often a difficult time for the young people we support at Centrepoint.

Elena Derbyshir…

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Surge of Food Insecurity in the UK is leaving Homeless Young People Hungry

20 July, 2022

As the cost of living crisis continues to escalate, we are seeing more young people than ever struggling to have enough food after paying rent and bills.

Our new study into food insecurity reveals the nutritional deficit and substantial cost of removing the Universal Credit uplift for young people, and what we can do to help.

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The book to pick up this National Read a Book Day: Four Feet Under

06 September, 2019

Four Feet Under by Tamsen Courtenay takes an in-depth look at the lives of London’s homeless.

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The budget may be delayed, but homeless young people still need action

25 September, 2020

This week Centrepoint sent our submission to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review - which has since been cancelled in favour of a ‘winter economy plan’. However, this still gives charities like Centrepoint the opportunity to identify where we think money needs to be spent and policies need to be changed.

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The Co-operative Bank Celebrate £2m fundraising milestone

24 February, 2022

Our partnership with The Co-Operative Bank has been a long and fruitful one. And this month we have a lot to celebrate, as they prepare to hit a huge milestone in their fundraising efforts for Centrepoint. Read here more about our our partnership and all the fantastic ways they have supported us to reach such an incredible fundraising achievement. 

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The Eviction Ban Has Been Lifted - Here's What You Need To Know

22 September, 2020

As of Sunday 20 September, landlords will once again be able to evict tenants in England and Wales. This is no doubt a scary time for many – the effects of Covid-19 are far from over, even if many aspects of life seem to be returning to normal. If you find yourself with an eviction notice, there are measures you can take that could help with your situation.

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The Food Point: Centrepoint's Social Supermarket

26 September, 2018

Nadeen Haidar and Isabel Rice, Centrepoint's dietitians, introduce The Food Point – our pioneering n…

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The Food Point: One year on

16 September, 2019

Here, we take a look back over the success of the social supermarket and why it's so invaluable to the young people Centrepoint supports.

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The Homelessness Reduction Act: one year on

07 March, 2019

Vicky Nevin, Centrepoint’s Public Affairs Officer, and Ffion from our Helpline Team discuss the roll…

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The Homelessness Reduction Act: will it work for young people?

16 May, 2018

The new legislation marks a real turning point in the fight to tackle and ultimately prevent homeles…

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The Importance of Hygiene Kits for Homeless Young People

19 March, 2021

Good hygiene has never been more important. But for the homeless, hygiene is a complicated issue. When you have no roof over your head, let alone access to warm running water, those cleanliness practices can be a challenge. This not only poses a risk to physical wellbeing, but can also affect mental health. Thankfully, hygiene kits for homeless people can make all the difference.

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The Youth Obligation isn't working

10 July, 2019

Last week, we met with Employment Minister Alok Sharma to discuss Universal Credit and how the gover…

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The Youth Obligation: does it work

30 January, 2019

The government’s flagship youth unemployment programme, the Youth Obligation, aims to provide unempl…

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This winter, Covid job losses will hit young people hardest

06 November, 2020

Coronavirus has been tough on everyone, but as we go into winter, young people will face far tougher conditions than most. It’s this demographic that are most at risk of losing their jobs during the pandemic, and without a steady income it’s likely to force some young people into precarious circumstances.

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Traineeships: an important stepping stone

26 March, 2019

Vicky Nevin, Centrepoint’s Public Affairs Officer, makes the case for increased investment in traineeships and better access for young people who may otherwise have limited opportunities.

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Two Nights With Dazed Live, In Aid of Centrepoint

19 October, 2021

On the 9 and 10 October Centrepoint’s corporate partner, Dazed, invited its audiences to come behind the scenes at its HQ at 180 The Strand in London for DAZED LIVE, to mark their 30th anniversary. The two-day festival, aimed at 16- to 25-year-olds, focused on making and showcasing music, art, fashion, activism and more, all in aid of Centrepoint.

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UGLY Tribe: understanding girls like you

08 March, 2019

This International Women’s Day, Letricia Black, life coach and founder of U.G.L.Y Tribe, introduces …

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Universal Credit Guide Updates

19 April, 2022

Centrepoint has updated and published our Universal Credit guides for young people and those supporting them. They include information on the up-to-date benefit rates, rules, and regulations within Universal Credit. Our Policy and Research Assistant, Franki Taylor, talks you through it.

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Universal Credit U-turn is a step in the right direction but flaws remain

22 November, 2017

Paul Noblet, Centrepoint’s Head of Public Affairs, welcomes the government’s decision in the Budget …

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Unregulated Accommodation: What Needs To Be Done

09 October, 2020

Last month, when the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said 16- and 17 year-olds in care should not be put in danger by their accommodation, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that disagreed. But to follow the Commissioner’s suggestion and ban unregulated accommodation would be to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here's what needs to be done instead.

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Using Peer Research to Campaign for Change

04 February, 2022

Eurydice Belezika, Peer Research Coordinator and former Centrepoint resident in London, talks about her experience of conducting research and campaigning to support disadvantaged young people.

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Welcome reforms to Universal Credit

18 January, 2019

Billy Harding, Centrepoint’s Policy and Research Officer, explains the most recent changes to the Go…

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What are the signs of domestic abuse?

26 January, 2021

The Office for National Statistics states 2.3 million people experienced domestic abuse in the year to March 2020 – and with the current restrictions of coronavirus, this number is likely to soar. So what are the signs of domestic abuse? What should we do if we encounter them? And how can we help young people through such turmoil? Here, we explain everything you need to know.

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What does a good professional relationship look like for homeless young people?

26 February, 2018

Centrepoint wouldn't be successful without positive relationships between homeless young people and …

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What Does World Homeless Day Mean to us?

10 October, 2021

Sunday 10 October 2021 marks the 11th World Homeless Day, originally established to recognise those working to end homelessness across the world. Since its inception in 2010, the day has represented the need to raise awareness of homelessness, support those who experience it, and fight for their futures.

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What is DSS discrimination? Everything you need to know

27 September, 2019

DSS discrimination affects the people who need homes the most. Here’s what you need to know – and how we can stop it from happening.  

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What Is Universal Credit? Everything You Need To Know

28 February, 2020

Universal Credit is the new benefits system which aims to make welfare payments easier for claimants. But what was once billed as being more generous than the old system is now leaving many worse off than before.

Here's what you need to know about Universal Credit - and what we can do to ensure it serves those who need it most.

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What it's like to make a major life change during a pandemic

27 November, 2020

In the first of a series of blogs written by current and former residents, we meet Shannon Pink-Murphy who, with the support of Centrepoint, recently moved into her own place and started a foundation course at university - all in the midst of COVID-19. From Centrepoint resident to fashion student, here’s Shannon’s journey in her own words.

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What We Can Learn from Finland’s Successful Approach To Homelessness

03 July, 2020

Finland’s government have managed to significantly reduce the number of homeless people in the country. Could their system work in a post-Covid UK?

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Whatever it takes: Ending Youth Homelessness Together

24 March, 2022

Centrepoint’s Policy and Research Manager Billy Harding and Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer Pooja Singh talk about how we can work together to End Youth Homelessness once and for all – and how you can get involved.

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What's In Store For 2020

10 January, 2020

2019 was a great year for Centrepoint: we honoured a milestone anniversary, raised over £900,000 for our annual Sleep Out and saw our work reach more young people than ever. And now, for 2020, we've got plenty more to look forward to - Centrepoint CEO Seyi Obakin talks us through our plans for the year ahead. 

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What's it like to be young and homeless at Christmas?

02 November, 2018

Abigail Gill, Centrepoint's Policy and Research Manager, presents the research behind our Everyone S…

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Where Next for Rough Sleepers After Lockdown?

12 June, 2020

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, the Government’s ‘Everybody In’ scheme directed councils to bring all rough sleepers in from the streets. This strategy has no doubt saved lives, but as lockdown eases and council contracts with hotels come to an end, the future is uncertain for many homeless people. 

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Why do young people get less support?

01 May, 2020

Centrepoint’s Policy and Research Officer Billy Harding looks at why young people under 25 get a lower level of support through the benefits system and argues why this needs to change.

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Why is the welfare system trapping young people in employment?

09 October, 2019

For many young people claiming benefits, Universal Credit can be both a blessing and a curse. For those like Daniel, getting into non-standard employment meant his UC left him in detrimental financial difficulty.

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Why We Got Involved: The Co-operative tell us why Sleep Out is so important to them

29 November, 2019

In 2019 we had people from both corporations and community bringing their sleeping bags along the join us at events up and down the country this year - including one of our long-serving corporate partners, The Co-operative Bank. Here's why they get involved year after year.

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Young People Don't Know Their Housing Rights - And It's Working Against them

06 May, 2022

Everyone should have a place they can call home. And yet, our research shows the number of homeless young people keeps growing. Many factors can feed into youth homelessness, but access to housing is a big one – and addressing these barriers to secure long-term accommodation is key. 


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Young Women Breaking The Bias: A Day In The Life Of Zinnia and Nadi

08 March, 2022

Around 41% of young people in our services are women – and we know each and every one has an incredibly inspiring story. This year the theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias, so our Digital Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer Pooja Singh had a chat with former and current Centrepoint residents Zinnia and Nadi.

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Young, Black and Homeless: Observations from Centrepoint’s front line

10 October, 2021

More than 50% of the young people Centrepoint supports come from a Black, Asian and ethnic minority background. As such, our hope this Black History Month is to initiate conversations that will help foster a fully inclusive culture at Centrepoint. Here, Digital Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer, Pooja Singh, sheds light on the challenges of being young, Black and homeless, from the perspectives of Centrepoint’s frontline staff.

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