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Point Made: Centrepoint's Youth-Led Podcast

Point Made is created by young people, for all people. Centrepoint residents past and present gather once a month to cover the topics that mean the most to them, from mental health to the benefits system. Find all the episodes here.

We Are The Rainbow: LGBTQ+ and Proud

Four LGBTQ+ former Centrepoint service users, Ari, Lara, Gary and Frankie have a frank conversation with host Jake Edwards about what it's like to be LGBTQ+ and homeless. How have things changed since Gary was a teenager in the early 90s to today?

They also discuss education in depth and what needs to change to make things easier for young LGBTQ+ young people.

Overcoming Obstacles with Fats Timbo

This month, we're very excited to have comedian, TV personality, model and influencer, Fats Timbo on Point Made.

Fats has had to overcome many obstacles in her life and one of the biggest challenges was accepting her disability and developing confidence.

She talks to our host Jamie and panel of young people to discuss this topic and offer advice to other young people and people in general.

Young Motherhood

23/03/2022: This month young mum and former Centrepoint resident Bethany hosts a frank and honest discussion about young motherhood. This episode examines access to services, support and misconceptions to celebrate Mothers' Day through the eyes of real lived experience.

Joining Bethany on the panel this month are an amazing group of young mums, as well as Jayde Edwards, founder of Straight Talking Peer Education, a charity which runs courses relating to the complex issues of teenage pregnancy.

Making Work Pay

Did you know that with our current benefits system, young people in supported accommodation are often worse off when they work more hours? This month we discuss this issue and some of the solutions with a panel.

Presenting the podcast this week are Daniel Williams from Centrepoint Partner charity SLEAP based in Lancashire, Catherine Geddes, a former Centrepoint resident and peer researcher.

Redefining Christmas

16/12/2021: This episode looks at Christmas through the eyes of young people who have experienced homelessness or are estranged from their biological families. Imagery of 'togetherness', 'family' and 'happiness' are impossible to escape at this time of year so three former Centrepoint service users share their memories and tips for surviving, redefining and even enjoying the season.

NB. This episode was recorded on Zoom and has some digital drop out in places.
If you are struggling this Christmas, there are organisations to reach out to such as:

Achievement and success

12/11/2021: A candid conversation with residents & ex-residents at different stages in their Centrepoint journey about what success means to them. This episode explores their experiences & struggles, and where they came from to where they are now, offering words of wisdom for young people trying to reach their own goals.

Mental Health in an Unequal World

08/10/2021: This episode explores mental health in an unequal world. Former and current residents discuss this subject in relation to their own lived experience of homelessness with Centrepoint Health Team professionals, Stephen Geale and Evelyne Njuguna.

Trigger warning: This episode contains discussion of trauma, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, substance use and mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.

The Ending of the Universal Credit Uplift

17/09/2021: Point Made's first episode where former and current Centrepoint residents discuss their peer research into the benefits system, namely the proposed end to the Universal Credit uplift. They also discuss misconceptions around youth homelessness and those reliant on benefits.