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Moving on

At all times, our overall goal is to prepare homeless young people to live independently.

Building young people’s confidence, improving their health and providing training is all focused on seeing them move on in a positive way.

For many of the young people moving on, it will be their first time living alone

To help them take this big step, we prepare young people for moving on while they’re with us and continue to support them for six months after they've left. This support includes workshops teaching practical skills like managing budgets and paying household bills, help to find suitable accommodation to move into and a rent deposit guarantee scheme.

94% of young people move on positively from Centrepoint

In the year 2020-21, 94% of the young people who left Centrepoint moved on positively

Homeless young people overcome so much to turn their lives around.

But with 103,000 asking for help with homelessness last year and a national shortage of housing, we need your support to help more young people.

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Centrepoint helped Shannon find her dream apprenticeship

After completing college, Centrepoint helped to facilitate a snowboarding apprenticeship for Shannon, and through the bursary she was helped financially with the equipment she needed.

“I had the opportunity to travel around a few places in Europe to learn about the slopes in other countries and how the industry works there. It was really fun and I felt humbled to be there. It’s not an experience I ever thought I’d have."

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Lifewise is our programme to build young people's independence. Taking a wide-ranging approach, we help them get to grips with skills that are often taken for granted. Homelessness can prevent young people from learning how to pay bills, manage their money and even cook. By taking part in Lifewise means they're better prepared for life after Centrepoint.