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Health and wellbeing

Being homeless takes its toll on young people, putting them at risk of health problems.

Good health is the foundation on which they can build their confidence, skills and independence.

Getting past the mental and physical effects of homelessness

Good health is a huge part of finding a home, a job and becoming independent. We offer young people the support they need to look after their mental and physical health.

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Giving young people the support they need

Inflexible appointment times, waiting lists and travel costs mean many homeless young people have negative experiences of statutory and community clinical settings and services. Many others may not understand their own complicated health needs. By providing an in-house health service, we give young people access to tailored support, where and when it suits them.

Centrepoint's Health and Wellbeing Team

Our in-house health team of specialists work with young people on a range of issues. 

An icon representing Centrepoint provides support from those leaving supported accommodation.


Long-term talking therapy to help young people cope emotionally with the difficulties in their lives.

Substance abuse

Substance use

Advice and support to help young people manage and reduce their substance use.

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Mental health advice

Crisis support and advocacy for young people experiencing mental health problems.

An icon representing the impact homelessness can have on a young person's nutrition.

Nutrition and dietetics

Educating young people about diet and nutrition – helping them to take better care of themselves and to manage health conditions.

Centrepoint has supported homeless young people since 1969.

Healthy relationships

Support and advocacy for young people experiencing unsafe, unhealthy or abusive relationships.

The Food Point: Centrepoint's social supermarket

The Food Point

Food insecurity is a problem nearly all Centrepoint young people face. To tackle this, the Dietetics Team came up with The Food Point – a social supermarket which provides access to healthy affordable food.

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We've partnered with Bankuet

Bankuet are helping us provide food supplies to young people in need. They use donations to bulk purchase food at a wholesale price and deliver it to our services where it is needed.

Since March there have been more than 450 hardship food requests from young people – donate now to help us on our mission to stop young people going hungry.

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Toxic mix The health needs of homeless young people

Many homeless young people are nutritionally vulnerable, and have mental and physical health problems, including substance abuse. Our research explored the health concerns of homeless young people supported by our services.

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Good health underpins all our work

Long term good health means that homeless young people are able benefit from our other programmes like education, jobs skills training and sport. Teams across Centrepoint recognise this and work together to build health support into all of the workshops and projects open to young people.


We give homeless young people the opportunity to complete their education, gain skills and prepare for a career. 


Centrepoint gives homeless young people a place to stay while they get the help they need to move on to independence.

Moving On

At all times, our overall goal is to prepare homeless young people to leave our services postively and live independently.


Improve Health, Improve Outcomes: Our strategy

Good health is a basic necessity that enables young people to thrive, reach their full potential and succeed. Our ambition is to help Centrepoint young people engage in education and training, gain skills to get into employment and leave homelessness behind. In order to achieve this, we need to provide services and develop partnerships that promote health and wellbeing and encourage our young people to get healthy, stay healthy and lead fulfilling lives.

Take a look at our three-year strategy to see how we plan to do this.

Read our strategy

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Surge of Food Insecurity in the UK is leaving Homeless Young People Hungry

20 July, 2022

As the cost of living crisis continues to escalate, we are seeing more young people than ever struggling to have enough food after paying rent and bills.

Our new study into food insecurity reveals the nutritional deficit and substantial cost of removing the Universal Credit uplift for young people, and what we can do to help.

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Centrepoint’s Activities Team Empower Vulnerable Young People Into Independence

21 January, 2022

As our former engagement team begin to reintroduce events and outings that aim to inspire and empower as the HOMES Activities Team, we caught up with them after a residential outing to Staffordshire, which brought together homeless young people from services all over the country for some daring outdoor activities. Here, the team tell us what these trips mean to young people, and just how it helps them prepare for independence.

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Young, Black and Homeless: Observations from Centrepoint’s front line

10 October, 2021

More than 50% of the young people Centrepoint supports come from a Black, Asian and ethnic minority background. As such, our hope this Black History Month is to initiate conversations that will help foster a fully inclusive culture at Centrepoint. Here, Digital Campaigns and Mobilisation Officer, Pooja Singh, sheds light on the challenges of being young, Black and homeless, from the perspectives of Centrepoint’s frontline staff.

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