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Centrepoint Works wouldn't be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of the CP Works team. Find out more about them here.


Sadie Odeogberin, National Head of IAG & Jobs

I joined Centrepoint in 2007. My role is to ensure the team work closely with Supported Housing and Independent Living to encourage young people to see the value of attaining training, employment and education, either in-house or externally, with the aspiration to secure a job and build their employment history, ultimately achieving financial independence. I work with a committed team delivering impartial information, advice and guidance, financial literacy, job brokerage and bursary administration. We are part of the wrap-around support for homeless and at risk young people, moving them closer to sustaining independent living.

I love learning about African history and writing children’s books.


Shadé Oladiti, Jobs and Education Team Manager 

I joined Centrepoint in July 2014. I'm responsible for ensuring my team deliver an impartial and current information advice and guidance offer, to help young people access the right employment, education or training to achieve their goals. I do this by ensuring we develop good relationships with local employers, colleges and training providers and constantly keeping up to date on current trends in education and employment.

I have a passion for comedy and live theatre. In the past I have directed and produced several comedy shows and plays.


Asif Rob, Jobs & Education Coordinator

My role is to provide impartial information, advice and guidance to young people seeking education, employment and training (EET) opportunities. I also project manage small EET programmes. I work with external young people referred to Centrepoint as well as Centrepoint residents.

I have expert knowledge on a range of subjects and I’m sensitive to young adults' development needs. I provide advice on the best ways for them to reach their goals and aspirations and support them to choose an ideal career path. I try to inspire and motivate young people to take up opportunities that allow for progression in their life.

I like sports and am a sports coach in football, table tennis, basketball and badminton.


Elizabeth Ladipo, Jobs and Education Advisor

I joined Centrepoint in January 2019 as a Supported Housing Officer and transferred to Centrepoint Works as a Jobs and Education Advisor in January 2022. My current role is to offer impartial information, advice and guidance on education, training and work opportunities.

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.” - Pablo Picasso.

As a mother and a student of life I am passionate about supporting young people to find their purpose & passion in life. I believe the younger generation will reach their full potential with the right information, advice and guidance along their journey.

In my spare time, I love spending time with family and I enjoy kickboxing & the gym.

Elayne (1)

Elayne Grace, Senior Jobs & Education Advisor

I joined Centrepoint in 2018. My role is to provide impartial information, advice and guidance to young people wanting to access education, employment and training. I work with and support young people to gain insight into their designated career pathway. Some young people may only want support to seek part time opportunities which I also support them with. I am committed in supporting young people to achieve their intended goal, dreams and career. 

I believe I have a good understanding and insight into the needs of young people. For me, it’s important to be up-to-date with what’s happening within young people’s culture, such as music and social media.  I love to see a young person gain a positive outcome, such as their desired qualification or employment. I love house music and going to festivals.


Michael James Ratu, Jobs & Education Advisor

I joined Centrepoint in 2021 and am based in the North of England, covering Manchester and Bradford. My role is to deliver impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young people between ages 16-25. My aim is to get all young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), into education, employment or training (EET) opportunities. I create a learning action plan to identify and meet young people’s learning and vocational developmental needs in the context of safeguarding and Centrepoint’s values and behaviours. We are also a member of a comprehensive support system for young people at risk of homelessness, helping them move closer to self-sufficiency.

I enjoy all things fitness and sport; I’m a former professional rugby player and I’ve represented my heritage country Fiji. I’m most content when spending quality time with my son.

Tim (1)

Tim Whiteside, Jobs & Education Support Manager

I joined Centrepoint in 2003 and work as part of the IAG & Jobs team. The work I currently do is in three main areas: teaching young people IT, learning life skills and working with the JET team. I am currently working with residents at our Oak House service. Support given is dependent upon needs and it ranges from support with English, help with college work or gaining a formal IT qualification.

The second part of my job is creating webpages advertising jobs that appeal to young people in Manchester, Bradford, Barnsley, North East and London. This is updated on a weekly basis.

I enjoy helping others. "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

Carol (1)

Carol Huggins, Moneywise Project Coordinator

My role is to empower young people to understand their finances and make better financial decisions. I provide one-to-one support and deliver group workshops upskilling young people with the necessary financial skills to live independently. I also support other teams internally on matters related to financial capability.

I partner with a variety of external organisations who for example assist with the process of opening bank accounts and managing debt. I enjoy reading biographies and running 10k races.


Elicia Morrison, Moneywise Project Coordinator 

I started Centrepoint in 2013, supporting young people across all Centrepoint services and externally. We deliver face to face and online money services and also work closely with external and internal providers who support in areas such as debt management and legal advice. Throughout my time at Centrepoint I have seen many young people move on and feel confident in embarking on independent living.

An ex resident said, “Without Moneywise I would not have been able to manage my money or know what bills to pay”. The program is designed in consultation with current and ex residents and has proven to be integral for young people’s future success.  

As a mum, I love to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful family.


Paul Beaumont, Senior Bursary Coordinator

I joined Centrepoint in 2017. I really enjoy lots of aspects of my role, as I get to manage the Centrepoint Bursary Scheme and award funding to lots of young residents at Centrepoint, and to residents at Centrepoint’s partnering organisations as well. The Centrepoint Bursary Scheme exists to help young people overcome financial barriers, and support them with funds related to their EET opportunities. I am so happy to play a role in helping so many young people achieve great results. I especially enjoy supporting university students with funding, and it is really satisfying when they get in touch to say they’ve graduated.

In my spare time, you can often find me on a tennis court, on my bicycle or at the cinema.


Mervyn Ford, Jobs & Education Advisor

I joined Centrepoint in 2020 and in June 2021 I moved from Supported Housing to Centrepoint Works as Jobs and Education Advisor. My role is to offer impartial information, advice and guidance on education, training and work opportunities. My overall goal is to embrace our future generation to reach their full potential. I‘m proud to say that I’m part of a strong supportive team from different backgrounds and with various skills and knowledge.

I have passion for music and enjoy DJ-ing in my spare time.

Alison Moist

Alison Moist, Skills Administration Manager

I joined Centrepoint back in August 2018 as the Skills Administration Manager, working from home as well as being based in Foyle Street, Sunderland. I line manage two skills administrators and work with a variety of staff  both internal and external at all levels, nationally across the North and South regions.

I cover a wide variety of jobs from data & statistical information, finances, training, compliance and auditing. I have worked within the education sector on private and Government funded programmes for over 23 years.  It is rewarding helping young people and adults to achieve their aspirations and within Centrepoint working towards the goal of ending homelessness. 

Outside of work I enjoy walks with the dog.

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Louise Barker, Skills Quality Coordinator

I have 14 years’ experience working in the training sector, specialising in Quality Assurance. I am responsible for supporting members of the team with Internal Quality Assurance of assessment portfolios, training, CPD, working with Awarding Organisations and supporting the management team with Ofsted and Matrix.

I have recently passed unit 4 of the EQA award and would like to work for an Awarding Organisation as an associate EQA. I like to use my positive attitude and energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. In myfree time, I like to play Darts for my local teams and am secretary for three leagues. I also like making lots of crafts, such has hair bows, knitting, sewing and crochet.


Stephen Pettigrew, Skills Administrator 

I have a background working for approximately 15 years with training providers, delivering Education, Training and Apprenticeships to Children and Young Adults. I have been with Centrepoint since 2018 and am currently based in Dean St. I hope to remain with Centrepoint for some years to continue contributing to helping our clients and residents improve their life chances and prospects

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Darren Thompson, Senior Skills Quality and Compliance Manager

My role at Centrepoint is to manage the Skills, Quality and Compliance Team, which supports different teams across Centrepoint Works to ensure the learning programmes we provide to young people are the best they can be. I am also responsible for ensuring we comply with Ofsted and Awarding Organisation requirements and that we maintain our Matrix quality standard for information, advice and guidance.

I am passionate about education and skills and have spent the last 18 years working in the education and training sector, managing and delivering a range of projects and provision, including apprenticeship programmes, workforce development programmes and employability programmes. 

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Wendy Gurr, Training Manager (London)

I support a fantastic team who work directly with young people on our training programmes by delivering qualifications both in the classroom and online. I have worked in the education industry for over 15 years and my passion is developing programmes that will inspire and motivate our learners.

Outside of work I enjoy growing my own vegetables, looking after my chickens and long walks with the family.

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Linzi Kendall, Regional Training Manager (Yorkshire and North West)

I have worked within Centrepoint Works for almost four years.  My primary role is to support young people living in accommodation services or receiving floating support, to access learning that supports an individual’s goals and aspirations.

I manage a small team of committed trainers, dedicated to giving young people a positive learning experience. Our job is to give young people learning that will build confidence, skills, and self-belief. It doesn't matter what a young person’s starting point is, we can deliver bite-size learning to get you feeling good about yourself, build on your practical skills to help you live independently.

My Team and I look forward to meeting and working with you on journey.

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Claire Hancock, Operations Manager (North)

I support a team who work directly with young people, helping them move closer to or into education, training or employment through qualification delivery, sourcing work experience and providing information, advice and guidance. I have worked in the education/training sector in excess of 30 years and there is no greater feeling than seeing a young person realise their potential and achieve what to some may seem the smallest of outcomes but may be the first step to their future success.

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Pedro Diacos, Trainer (London)

I’m Pedro, the go-to person for all things related to digital technology. I will be leading you on your journey through the digital landscape to create, develop and bring to life ideas that you may or may not have even dreamed of yet!

I am an experienced photographer with my own freelance business and very much involved in the creative arts, I understand very well what opportunities digital has created, enabling individuals to rise from humble beginnings to go on and achieve extraordinary success.

I have an extensive background in youth work and youth development and I am very committed to seeing my students achieve great rewards through determined hard work.

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Georgina Barclay, Youth Employment Initiative Officer

Hi, I'm Georgie - I work on the YEI contract offering support to young people living in Tees Valley between the ages of 16-29.

Many of the people I help are a bit unsure of what they want to do with their future; part of my job is to help them with that. We look at the things they like, what type of personality they have and what goals they have for the future. Then we look at all the options. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what a job will be like, so I arrange for them to have a little go in the jobs they think they’ll be suited to, if they don’t like it, we can try something else. Doing a job in real life is often quite different to what you think it is going to be like in your head!

I also do a lot with people in preparation for interviews. There are loads of hints and tips that can really make a difference. Interviews can be a bit scary but I like to think that I am really good at making people feel their most confident.

The best thing about helping people on YEI is that I get to help with what is right for you. I work with you on a one to one basis, no group work or anything like that, unless that is something that’s going to help you and it’s something you want to do. The support is tailored to suit you every step of the way.

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Monika Bruder, Trainer (North East)

My name is Monika Bruder and for the last four years, I have been a Trainer at Centrepoint Works in the North East area. I support my learners in achieving qualifications in English, Mathematics, IT, Employability, Warehousing and Storage, Customer Service, and Business Administration skills. I take great satisfaction in working with young people and supporting them with self-improvement, progressing into employment, and building up resilience. I am dedicated to my work and I do a lot to support my learners in all areas of their lives and to allow them to achieve their goals.

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Patryk Koska, Trainer (London)

I joined the team in 2018 after completing his PGCE at UCL. I am passionate about teaching Functional Skills Maths and English. In my free time, I love to dance and read sci-fi novels.


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Stephen Collins, Employability Trainer

I am an experienced trainer here at Centrepoint Works. My subject areas include employability, construction and health and safety, which I've been teaching for approximately 15 years.

I have over 25 years experience within the construction industry, from working on site to running my own successful business. I have also travelled the country assessing the construction workforce so they can receive qualifications.

I have a passion for teaching technologies, and my courses involve lots of interactive activities and resources. When delivering English and Maths on construction courses, these are based around the construction industry.


Laura Harris, Jobs and Education Advisor

I joined Centrepoint in 2022 and am based in Bradford. My role is to deliver impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG) to young people in order to empower them to achieve their desired learning or employment goals. I regularly visit all of Centrepoint's services in Bradford and meet with young people to identify their education or employment needs. We then create an action plan to support them moving forward and to enable them to make informed choices for their future career opportunities. I support young people in writing their CVs and applying for jobs and college courses when they are ready.

In my spare time I enjoy walking and cooking with friends and family and visiting new places. I also like reading and listening to plays on the radio.

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