Apprenticeships add new skills to your team

The Government has set an ambitious target of creating three million new apprenticeships by 2020. More than 100,000 employers across 160,000 workplaces currently employ apprentices to attract new talent, reskill existing employees and tackle skills shortages. Many employers report increases in revenue and performance for their business when they’ve employed an apprentice.

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Apprenticeships pay

Government figures show that the average apprentice increases business by £214 each week, with gains including profit, lower prices and better products. 96 per cent of employers who take on an apprentice report a benefit to their business.

Traineeships Give a young person a start

If Apprenticeships aren't right for your business, our Traineeship programmes are designed to engage with young people and enable them to gain valuable experience in their chosen careers. Each Traineeship is individually designed with each employer to ensure that the overall experience adds real value.

What Traineeships can do for your business

  • Access to a new pipeline of young talent. Fully prepared and motivated candidates who will learn on-the-job skills while contributing to your business

  • De-risked recruitment. Enabling your managers to observe candidates in the workplace and evaluate their potential

  • Reduced recruitment and training costs. Our partnership model significantly reduces the time and risk involved in recruiting new staff and attracts government funding to support initial and continuing training via the Traineeship and Apprenticeship schemes
  • Longer-term reduction of staff turnover. Grow your own talent and feed into long-term career development with the company

  • Increased productivity. An increasingly confident, complete and motivated workforce

  • Positive promotion of corporate social responsibility. Showcasing the success of the Traineeship programme demonstrates to other recruiters the vast potential of young people who lack the initial experience and qualifications to move straight into an Apprenticeship

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Apprenticeships are a big part of the government's plans

The apprenticeship levy

On 6 April 2017, the UK Government will introduce the apprenticeship levy scheme for larger employers. Funding generated by the levy will be ring-fenced for apprenticeships. Employers will be able to use funds generated via the Levy to deliver apprenticeships internally or contract a training provider to deliver the service on their behalf.

Centrepoint Works can provide companies with either support, direct delivery or a signposting service.

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Become a Centrepoint Works employer

By becoming a Centrepoint Works employer, you'll help your business, your new trainees and some of the most vulnerable young people in the country.

You can expect from us: 

•  A strong track record and multiple subject specialisms
•  The infrastructure to deliver with high-quality dedicated teams of assessors and trainers
• Experience working with over 500 employers across a range of sectors
•  Dedicated and enthusiastic staff

Working with Centrepoint could also contribute to your corporate social responsibility requirements. Click here to find out more about becoming a corporate partner.

You'll see the benefits of partnering with the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. We would encourage your staff to become involved in some of Centrepoint's fantastic fundraising events. 

To find out more and become a Centrepoint Works employer, please email Julie Paget-Chapman at