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Serve up a smile

On Friday 2 November, serve soup for friends, top it with a smile and help give homeless young people a future.

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Chop, simmer and blend. Or whizz to the shops.

You don't have to be a master chef to run a souper show. You can buy your favourite flavour in the shops – or ask friends to bring a batch. Just make sure you surround your saucepan of soup with a selection of toppings for the table – so everyone can decorate their bowl with a smile.

But the most important ingredient is you and your friends. The more delicious bowls you serve up, the more money you'll raise to help homeless young people like Abdul.

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Abdul, a Centrepoint young person

A smile for someone like Abdul

Abdul was still at school when he had no choice but to leave the family home.

Scared, alone and sleeping rough, Abdul turned to Centrepoint for support. Here, he found a safe, warm place to sleep and a key worker he could trust.

Life started to change for Abdul. He recently completed an apprenticeship in catering, and is looking forward to the future. He knows there’s a better way – and he’s found his smile again.

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