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10:10 - raise money for World Homeless Day

Want to fundraise for Centrepoint by doing anything you like? The 10:10 challenge is for you.

For World Homeless Day on 10 October, join Centrepoint for our 10:10 Challenge!

Do 10 challenges for 10 days across the month of October to fundraise for young people this World Homeless Day.

Get creative and do it your way - from “Doing 10 good deeds” to “10 dares in 10 days”, there’s an activity for everyone! See our ideas for some inspiration!

10:10 is great for those who don’t want to run or cycle, but you can do that too!

You could start on 1 October to end on World Homeless Day, or later in the month. It's your choice.


How much do I need to raise?

We suggest that you aim to raise £200 for this challenge. This could fund 10 psychotherapy counselling sessions for a homeless young person, supporting their mental health in the cost-of-living crisis.

By joining 10:10, you are helping us to end youth homelessness. 

Please complete the form to join the challenge and receive your 10:10 welcome pack.

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Take part in 10:10 for Centrepoint

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What could you do for 10:10?

With so much choice, it’s hard to decide what to do!  Here are a few examples to get you started.

10 chillies for 10 days

Challenge yourself to eat 10 chillies of increasingly levels of spiciness for 10 days! Make sure you video your progress and post it on your JustGiving page for your audience to see!

10 days of fancy dress

Go to work or school in your favourite fancy dress costumes for 10 days! Perfect timing for the lead up to Halloween.

10 days of running

Run 1k, 5k or 10k a day for 10 days across the month of October. Make sure you connect your Strava account to your JustGiving page so your supporters can see your daily progress.

10 good deeds for 10 days

Get your community and neighbourhood to support your fundraiser by doing good deeds in your local area for 10 days. This could be:

  • Picking up litter
  • Collecting donations for your nearest food bank
  • Helping your neighbour with the weeds in their garden for a suggested donation
  • Walking someone’s dog for a suggested donation

10 dares in 10 days

On JustGiving, your donors have an option to write a message alongside their donation, so when they donate, they can submit a dare for you.

If you get more than 10 dares, pick and choose the ones that are best suited to you, or pick the dares with the highest donation!

Please note that you cannot do dares that put yourself or others in danger or inconvenience other people. Here's some ideas of dares to suggest:

  • Serenading someone
  • Give someone access to a social account for a day
  • Go into school or work dressed in your parents' clothes

Interested in 10:10 but not sure what you want to do? Our events team are happy to help and offer some inspiration! Sign up to take part and we'll be in touch to support you.

Take part in 10:10

Downloads for your 10:10 challenge

Download fundraising tips, a handy print-out calendar to track your 10:10, and images to share on social media.