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Email your MP about our recommendations to tackle youth homelessness

We are calling on the Government to commit to a proper strategy to tackle youth homelessness, by supporting the recommendations from our Databank report. The new research led by our policy team, suggests that youth homelessness is continuing to climb. 

It's time to ask your MP: Will you stand up for homeless young people?

Email your MP about tackling youth homelessness

Over 129,000 young people reported themselves as homeless or at risk last year. This is an increase from just under 122,000 last year.

We could change the story for many homeless young people, but that can only happen if the Government commit to a proper strategy to tackle youth homelessness. IT you email your MP right now, they might just make it happen. 

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Will you email your MP and ask them to consider our recommendations to support homeless young people in your area?

Important stats about youth homelessness 

  • Almost a third of the young people who approached their local authority in England were not assessed for eligibility
  • In England in 2021/22, only 38 per cent of those who presented had a positive outcome, meaning their homelessness was successfully prevented or relieved, or they were housed under the main housing duty. 
  • Almost one in 50 people aged 16-24 is homeless or at risk of homelessness in England.