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Sponsor A Room

Help a young person escape homelessness forever. Sponsor a room on behalf of someone you care about today.

'Centrepoint helps to change a person's life especially if they are stuck somewhere with nothing to do living off the streets. Centrepoint not only give you a bed, a roof over your head, they put you on training courses and arrange for you to meet employers. Centrepoint changes lives.' - Ashleigh, former resident

Price £144
What we provide

Sponsoring a room at Centrepoint can get a homeless young person off the streets for good. Your gift will not only pay for a warm, safe room for up to a year, but it will also go towards providing vital support they may have never been given before.

Young people sleeping rough is a shocking and increasingly visible problem. But that problem isn't going away – in fact it's getting worse. Our research shows 103,000 young people approached their local council because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2017/18. 

For just 40p a day, your Centrepoint Room Sponsorship will help provide:

  • Provide a warm, safe space where a young person can stay.
  • Support young people with counselling and practical advice so they can rebuild their confidence.
  • Give young people the skills they need to find and stay in a job.
  • Teach young people basics skills like cooking and managing their money – helping them to move on and lead independent lives.
  • Provides a Key Worker who'll support them throughout their time at Centrepoint in one-to-one sessions.

A year of Centrepoint Room Sponsorship helps homeless young people get into education, employment and training, and gives them a real opportunity to leave homelessness behind for good.