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Room sponsorship FAQs

More information about your room sponsorship, how we work and how else you can support young people.

What does £12 a month pay for?
Your £12 a month helps fund:
  • Professional health support and learning services for young people
  • Access to training and life skills for independence, employment and a home
  • The safety of other vulnerable young people staying at Centrepoint across England
The true cost of a room and support services for a young person is more than £12 a month. This is why we need a community of valued supporters to help us change the lives of the young people we support. We feel £12 a month is an amount sponsors might be able to afford.
How can I make changes to my direct debit?

We want to make sure sponsoring a room is as easy as possible. If you'd like to make any changes to your donation, please just call our friendly Supporter Care team on 0800 23 23 20 or email

You can also change your donation details here >

Are these young people real?

Yes. By sponsoring a room you're helping real young people who are living at Centrepoint. Some young people choose to share their stories. Those who do share what they're comfortable with.

In some cases, we may need to protect identities by using models and changing names. But all their stories are true. There's no exaggeration and no other details have been changed.

Where is my room?

Your monthly gifts aren’t limited to an individual room and you help fund all Centrepoint’s work. Along with partners, we support more 10,000 homeless young people and help them rebuild their lives.

Am I the only person sponsoring a room?

No, you’re one of more than 30,000 incredible Centrepoint Room Sponsors who’ve decided to support homeless young people in this way.

How long do young people stay in the room?

On average, young people stay with us for two years until the age of 25. Our aim is to ensure a young person moves on when they are able to live independently. This then allows someone else in need to take their place.

Can I visit a Centrepoint hostel?

We don’t open the doors to our hostels to visitors because our first priority is to protect young people. But we do invite you supporters to events where you can hear young people and staff talk about the difference your support makes. Please call 0800 23 23 20 or email to find out more.

What happens if I cannot continue my Centrepoint Room Sponsorship?

If you can no longer continue as a Centrepoint Room Sponsor, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0800 23 23 20.

You can also change your donation details here >

And don't worry, there are other ways to support us to help homeless young people. You can also reinstate your Centrepoint Room Sponsorship at any time.

Sarah, a Centrepoint young person.

Sponsor a Room now

By sponsoring a room at Centrepoint for £12 a month, you can help a young person leave homelessness behind for good. 

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Question not been answered?

If you have another question about sponsoring a room at Centrepoint, please contact our friendly Supporter Care team.

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